The annual meeting of “Meet You and Love You” took place in the prestigious club Cercle De L’union Interalliée in Paris. 300 fans of KissLover attended the event in this club that has hundreds of years of history.





KissLover is a French Brand which was founded in 1915 in Provence.

The Lover Family designed its first sanitary napkin in 1932. After many years of research and technological improvements, KissLover was the first Brand worldwide that invented the sanitary napkin made of disposable silk. Comfort, care, health and beauty are KissLover’s main concerns. KissLover doesn’t only makes sanitary napkins for women, but also for children.

How it all started

The Lover Family is not only producing sanitary napkins, in fact, they started the family business with producing candles for the Royal Court at the end of the 17th century. At first it were just regular candles, but as the Lover Family loves innovations, they created candles with different scents. 

In the 19th century, electricity was descovered, which changed everything for the Lover family and its candles. From that moment on, the family decided to start making feminin products and that’s how the sanitary napkin arose. Up until today, the candles are part of KissLover’s product range.

KissLover’s Silk sanitary napkin

Each year KissLover does everything possible to make every women’s life just a bit easier, a bit healthier and definitely more glamourous. Women believe in KissLover, because they feel understood and they have witnessed the many efforts KissLover has done to improve their well-being and their comfort.  

KissLover takes care of women by providing them disposable sanitary napkins made of silk, which offers them an exceptional comfort.In addition, it’s a 100 % natural product, which contains 0% chemical substances. What brings us to the healthiest solution for every women every month. 

KissLover’s glamourous packaging

KissLover’s golden logo was inspired by Gosset, an old wine house that also made champaign. The boxes have a bright pink color which represent femininity and elegance. The box is made in such way women can still use it afterwards to store their jewellery or other belongings. The box has a luxurious appearance, which perfectly reflects the quality of the product.

KissLover soon opening a shop in Paris

We can’t wait till every women has opened her box of care and happiness!

Soon KissLover will open its doors in Paris and it won’t be just a shop, it will be an entire experience every woman dreams of. 

Can’t wait till we open our door? Don’t hesitate to order your box by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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