It's not a secret anymore:  athleisure is a hit.

 As a fashion trend, Athleisure makes sportswear more comfortable, stylish and diversified through improved textile materials. The clothing originally designed for sports and fitness can be worn at work, school and other leisure and social occasions. Under the influence of Athleisure, sportswear including yoga pants, tights, Sneaker sneakers, leggings, and sports shorts has been given more fashionable appeal than its original sporting function. Sportswear has broken through the limitations of sports venues and becomes everyday wear.  Today we talk about an athleisure brand from Canada, Lapasa.



A newborn brand at only four years of age, Lapasa offers customers the best quality fabrics at the best possible price since 2015, with the brand’s entire design team and production squad based in The Middle Kingdom. The brand entered the USA market in 2015 and, in 2018, specifically the New York market. The concept behind Lapasa is pretty simple: with the attention of urban youth to healthy living, the pursuit of work-life balance has made sports a way of life. Lapasa's clothing follow this input together with a clear approach: you don't have to kill your wallet for a pair of cool, high-quality leggings. Among the products of Lapasa you can find not only leggings and a tank top but also Down Jacket, swimming suit, t-shirt, nightdress and female dresses. Lapasa’s founders have been active in the retail industry for some 20+ years, in other words: They know. From suppliers to textile manufacturers, they have their global sourcing covered. Lapasa is available online in its Amazon store.





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