Dr. LaVern McCants spent most of her adult life as an author and education expert, holding varied education-related positions while also pursuing four higher education degrees. Besides being an education expert, McCants is also a fashion designer. 

Dr. McCants in Evening Dress


She says that she has always loved fashion and has been a fashion lover for as long as she could recall.  Her late mother was an author and also a fashion executive who also loved fashion. McCants says that she respected her mother’s style of dress and business savviness.  She says that her mother demonstrated a chic fashion style that she admired and adopted.


In late 2016 following the footsteps of her late mother, who was an author and an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, McCants evolved professionally in the field of fashion by establishing LaVern McCants Corporation™ that features McCants Designs and LaVern McCants Designs. She says that her late mother had a keen insight into the fashion industry. McCants states that her late mother demonstrated enterprise ideas, venture, and implementation of fashion lines' presentations through fashion shows and other sorts of domestic fashion presentations.  McCants says that from her mother’s training, her fashion experience launched during her preteen through college years though she did not start a professional journey as a fashion designer until 2016.


 Wise Girl Talk Collection  From Boy to Manhood  What Every Teenager Needs to Know  Bullying STOPS Here 2



Dr. LaVern McCants has two books that were recently released. Those books are titled, Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule Changer and Wise Girl Talk.  The book Wise Girl Talk provides knowledge, research, and McCants' professional experience guiding teenage girls. This book is pleasantly unique.  Wise Girl Talk also providesterrific guidance for girls on making wise choices when faced with serious decisions. Women everywhere could greatly benefit from Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer. This book enables women to appreciate their value.


Follow Dr. McCants on Facebook at Facebook.com/lavernmccants and Facebook.com/drlavernmccants.  Her books can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at other booksellers worldwide. Her books can also be ordered by telephone from the publisher at 212-NYC-0000. Book purchases can also be made at www.lavernmccants.com, www.wisegirltalk.com, and www.singleladywisetalk.com.


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