Lip Remedy is an exciting brand that meshes lip care with clean ingredients to make show-stopping products. Brand's goal is to reimagine essential beauty by making products that aren't harmful to either people or nature. 

The success story of Lip Remedy began when the founder, Stephanie Penn, accidentally found the benefits of using CBD on dry lips. Stephanie noticed that her lips and skin were constantly dry, as a result of medicine that helps regulate her high blood pressure. She accidentally used a CBD salve on her lips and found that they feel nourished and moisturized afterward. She realized there aren't many lip products that reap the benefits of CBD. That is how Lip Remedy was born.  

As CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It can help heal chapped lips faster and leave them feeling moisturized. As the stigma around CBD is lifting, products containing CBD as an active ingredient are increasingly gaining popularity. Lip Remedy offers CBD products that are vegan, certified cruelty-free, and EU-compliant. 


Lip Remedy Lip Masque is a must-have product for plump, juicy-looking lips. It has a dreamy strawberry scent and rich texture that delivers intense moisture. The product is made with carefully selected ingredients. CBD helps soothe the skin on the lips, while shea butter deeply moisturizes the skin. Orange oil and castor seed oil add to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. On the other hand, natural beeswax helps to retain moisture. 

There is also an unscented version of the Lip Masque which can be used around the eyes too. This formula works as an eye mask as it reduces the appearance of fine lines by moisturizing the skin. The skin is left looking dewy, plump, and healthy. These magical ingredients also reduce puffiness. You can also get the Lip Masque Duo as a set.  

Lip glosses, oils, and treatments are trending this year. Juicy, healthy-looking lips are all the rage. Therefore, nourishing lip products are sought-after, leaving the drying formulas in the past. Lip Remedy's Lip Shine offers high-shine finish that feels lightweight on the lips. The formula features CBD, which combats dryness and dullness, as well as the vitamin E known for its moisturizing properties. Lip Shine comes in three flattering shades. Berry Punch is a stunning pink shade that enhances the natural color of the lips, while giving them a healthy glow. Maraschino is the perfect shade for every season. Clear Lip Shine is perfect if you just want some shine and moisture. 

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