Tell me who you are:

I'm Stephanie Latham the owner of LuxuriLashesByBlu.

What do you do?

I sell lashes and I'm also a lash Tech. So, I install them.

Why did you pick that industry?

Because I love making people look and feel beautiful. Lashes changes how you feel, it makes your eyes POP!! It draws more attention on your face.

Tell the viewers a little more about yourself.

Um, well, I'm a single mother that loves her children and family. I'm doing this for them. What many people don't know is that I was homeless before. Me and my kids was kid out on the streets and at that moment I knew something had to change. I didn't feel beautiful, I felt like I failed them. I would always wear lashes and get so many compliments and everyone wanted to know where I got them from or who did it. So. I begin to start selling my own brand. My sister Mel which is the owner of Mel's Kitchen has helped me so much and believed in me and pushed me to start. Without her and our bond, I'm not sure if I would've ever started.

Where do you see yourself in years to come?

Continuing to make people feel beautiful. Long as everyone around me is okay I'm okay.

Your very unselfish. Your story and your heart is so amazing Stephanie!. Do you want to tell the readers anything else about you or your lashes?

Umm, no. Lol. Wait yes, that you can find me on all social media platforms. @ Stephanie Latham (Blu). I'm doing a collaboration with Uniquely-Kreated. Her models are featuring my line. I also travel to different vendors' events. I'm just so happy about this opportunity. I'm sorry I can't stop crying. Thank you so much!. I'm just so speechless, I never would thought this would be happening to me.

Embrace your greatness, Stephanie! You definitely deserve it and made our day. We look forward to seeing some more great things from you and LuxuriLashesByBlu. Hopefully, we get to meet soon in person.
Go check out Stephanie Latham a mother, daughter, sister, survivor, entrepreneur of a black-owned business on all social media platforms.


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