New York, New York. Mallika Mehta, the “Adele of Mumbai,” recently released her debut EP “Evolve - The Story of Her,” on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and another 45+ stores globally on Oct 24.


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The album includes four songs, which formulate a story. The first song on the album is Mallika’s first single ‘War Solo’ which speaks about unrequited love and its struggles. The second song is ‘Flame Is Gone’ which talks about getting over somebody as time passes and you realize how some things aren’t meant to be. The third song on the album is Mallika’s brand new single ‘Finally Free’ which talks about the feeling of being free, self-assured and self-loved. All the songs combine to tell the story of a young woman trying to move on from lost love, heartache, and confusion and finally embrace the truth and power of her own self. The fourth song on the EP is a surprise element, it is a reprise version of Mallika’s first - ‘War Solo’ on an acoustic arrangement with a change of language from English to Hindi in a few of the lyrics. Mallika’s incredible voice is indeed reminiscent of the work done by acclaimed artist Adele, and rival the recent pop singer’s sultry, smooth tones and fiery spirit.


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Mallika is an alumna of Berklee College of Music, Boston, Harvard University, Cambridge, NYU and Kellogg University, Chicago where she has studied music, songwriting, and marketing.

Mallika is not only a songwriter but also a performer and has had her solo concerts in Mumbai, India where she sang for 2.5 hours in 5 languages with a live orchestra and a full audience. She has also opened for renowned Bollywood artists like Kailash Kher (2016) and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (2019).

Mallika’s momentum continues to build as she has continued to appear in live performances at concerts and radio stations across India and the United States. Since 2017, she has been interviewed or featured in various music radio programs and publications almost two dozen times, including a recent live interview in June 2019 on TV Asia (USA).

Watch for news on more upcoming releases by Mallika Mehta, or read our in-depth Artist Spotlight feature on her in our July 2018 issue here. Those interested in keeping up with Mallika can follow her on Instagram, Twitterand Facebook - @MallikaMehtaMusic.


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