Author Mandy Nachampassack- Maloney has recently broken onto the fashion scene with three tees that she describes as, “comfy, practical, and easy.” The styles, says Mandy, follow her own aesthetic which, as a busy mom to two active toddlers as well as a ghostwriter and novelist with her own projects, can sometimes be as stripped back as possible. However, she sees women from any walk of life being able to rock these looks.



Love Compassionate
If the name sounds familiar you may have read Mandy’s books via your Amazon Kindle. As a promotion to go along with her new tees she’s offering a short story, Dragon’s Daughter, for free on the kindle platform. Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post’s news site, in the literary magazine ‘The MacGuffin’, and the sci-fi fairytale anthology Circuits and Slippers. 

The three tees feature the most ‘liked’ quotes from her two novels and one from an internet short story she released. Mandy says she designed the tees with these excerpts not only because they were the most popular with readers but because all the statements are empowering or speak a universal truth (especially the coffee and makeup one). 
Mandy noticed a strong trend toward literary inspired work on sites such as Pinterest, Etsy, and Zazzle. Whether it's rompers printed with quotes from Shakespeare, leggings sporting Harry Potter’s iconic coke bottle glasses, or scarfs emblazoned with snippets from Alice in Wonderland, a lot of well-read ladies are adding their favorite stories to their signature looks. Mandy smiles as she admits that she uses the Wish app on her mobile device and many of the #geekery accessories she has saved are inspired by books. 
The pieces are available to order via both Mandy’s author’s site ( and the main Zazzle marketplace. They’re produced in just about any color, in any style of shirt, and in both regular cotton blends and fully organic fabrics. 


Coffee and Makeup

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