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     - While you were a child growing up, what did you imagine yourself becoming?

Since I was little, I've always loved fashion, the models, the designers, the clothes, just everything. I remember making sketches with a pencil in a notepad, I would spend hours designing clothes. I actually designed my cousin's bridesmaids dresses. As you can see, when I was child, I imagine becoming a fashion designer. 

     - You are an Influencer, What is that set you apart and made you successful? I'm a petite woman that loves fashion but understands what looks good and what doesn't look good on me. I like to mix high and low end fashion labels. I understand that trendy doesn't mean must-wear regardless of how it looks on you. Through my website,, I've been able to share my style, and fashion suggestions for petite women, it doesn't matter what their budget is, I always give suggestions for everyone's budget. When working with brands, I always include my style and if I work with a brand is because I already like their products. I understand this is a business but I need to stay true to myself and my readers, that's why they come to me after all.

     - What’s the message you want to deliver to your followers?

I love connecting with other bloggers and readers through my website and social media channels. I enjoy providing helpful tips, accurate descriptions of the styles I showcase on my website in order to help my readers make an informed decision when spending some of their hard working money in pieces that they will fit them well and make them happy.

     - Do you consider yourself street smart or book smart?

Can I say both? I read a lot for business and personal reasons. I like to be as informed as I can possibly be about new strategies, platforms, and tools that can make my communication with my audience better. Whether it's the new hot app, not I would necessarily get it, but I'd like to know what is out there and decide if it would be a good fit for me.

     - If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

A guinea pig.

     - Do you have a mentor, if yes who ?

My main mentor is my dad, for any big life decisions, I always go to him for advice. For my professional career, PR, I have a couple of mentors, my boss, my direct manager and a dear colleague who I look up to and always appreciate her advice in any work related issues/milestones, etc.

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