As the saying goes beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yet everything deserves praise but have you ever thought what lies behind the literal beauty. Yes! There exactly lies an entity who blew life into that particular thing. Similarly, if we see things in a grandeur frame, we will fall short of words how beautiful our world is. The need of the day is to explore, explore what makes the world more than just terrorism, extremism and religious bigotry and so on. Today, we are in a great need to highlight craftsmanship to give well deserved recognition to those who give us something to carry. To create a style statement and so on.


However today, there are more than hundreds of craftsmen who long daily for someone to hire them, who long daily to show the world what real talent means, who long daily to speak through luxurious elite stores. The worst of it is when you do not give the due praise to a person needing the most. Who if hired, do not get their due pay or they have to go through harsh realities of life.





People who face odd timings, bear scorching heat of summers and immense cold of winters when carry the tool in their hands full of dust, create magic. Yes! Everything we see in re-known outlets is made with those wrecked hands who tell the story of absolute hard work, sweat, time and passion be it a luxurious store of Gucci, Fendi, Armani or what so ever.





Some days ago I was going through a top tumbler post in which many re-known fashion designers followed an international campaign named #Imadeyourclothes which means people behind all the luxury were shown. But have you ever thought how exactly they work. What they do to make their ends meet? How hard everything is but looks so fine when a luxurious outlet displays. No! No one really knows what lies behind the scene because of course that is of our least concern.





Having thought all this, MCCVANI an unconditional US based online-leather brand thought of initiating an e-shopping platform where artisans from Pakistan will showcase their leather craftsmanship. The platform is not blindly following the set rules of fashion industry but the artisan will have a larger space to come up with the best ideas they can and show the world the best rural leather artistry of Pakistan, keeping in mind that Pakistan is the largest supplier of raw leather to the world’s main markets.



Every phase of production was covered and shown to the common public through social media so that the hard work never gets neglected in any way.

MCCVANI not only aims to highlight the best handmade craftsmanship and the adversities of rural artisans but takes a step further by donating 5% of it’s each purchase to the labor force working for it. By donating this amount of money, this online platform aspires to provide a balanced lifestyle to those who could not have it even after working from dawn to dusk.




However, In my opinion, the answer to all the questions mentioned above lies in a fundamental shift in perspective. One must recognize that there is a human being behind every handmade good. This won’t be done only through a picture telling #Imadeyourclothes but a whole procedure which covers the sleepless nights of the whole team at production cell.

The more the labor a startup would use, more the chances to bring out a livelihood. In developing countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc. such online platforms like MCCVANI are need of the hour which surpasses the huge labor force of luxurious brands who fail to acknowledge the incredibly skilled creative labor.

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