Men Can Now Wear Luxury High Fashion Timepieces For Less! Every person has the right to look and feel like a million bucks, however, unfortunately not all of us can afford the material associated with this old saying. But that's not the case when it comes to what men wear around their wrist. 

 Men Can Now Wear Luxury High Fashion Timepieces For Less!

Thanks to Michael Galarza, the CEO behind ERA Timepieces who grew up right here in New York City, his watch company has found a way to offer customers haute horlogerie complications and make them accessible to all, while distributing the watch industry entirely. Don't take our word for it though. Athletes like retired New York Jets NFL player Bret Lockett, to NBA star Vince Carter, to famed New York Hollywood film director Steve Stanulis and actor Tommy Chong, plus many more, have been spotted out and about in an ERA Timepiece.


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But the success of ERA is not just because of the price, its because of the vision on Michael, who has been enthralled with timepieces since before he could read and write. We spoke to him exclusively to find out more about his brand and why New York and the fashion world here played a big part in his designs...

1. What was the idea behind creating the ERA Timepieces?

The entire goal of ERA Timepieces is to bring Haute Horology complications that normal people would not be able to afford and bring them to the masses. It allows people to make their dream timepieces a reality.

2. How much influence the city of New York have on your mindset for what went into the design of the product?

NYC has had a huge influence on me, as a person. Growing up here and then traveling around the country and around the world as an adult, you quickly notice how different the culture, hustle, and environment in NYC is. The entire design of our ERA Prometheus was made to look every bit a 6 figure timepiece with all the custom engraving and such right off the bat. It just screams quality, and it's no surprise that most of our customers get more compliments on their ERA Prometheus than their Rolexes or other more muted starter luxury watches.

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3. How important is a good timepiece to looking and feeling good?

Guys in general have only one piece of accessory that is universally accepted to be worn in all situations, and that is a watch or a timepiece. Whether you're pitching your company, or hanging out with friends, or going to a gala, a timepiece is the one accessory that we get that is correct to wear in all situations. As such, it makes sense to go all out and make it count. Men Can Now Wear Luxury High Fashion Timepieces For Less!

4. Your bands/straps can swap in and out for different colors to help match outfits... why was this important in the design too?

It's incredibly important to be able to pair the right strap with the right occasion. Especially since some of our color options are ones you wouldn't want to be wearing every day like Red, it's great to be able to swap in new straps in 10-15 seconds to match your outfit.

5. What is the ultimate goal for ERA?

The goal is for ERA to be your one-stop shop for whenever you want an amazing luxury complication in a timepiece, knowing you get the same level of quality without the absurd pricing that accompanies it.

6. Where in New York can people go buy your timepieces?

We were working with a local jeweler to stock our product but he's almost always sold out and so the best place to go look at our timepieces is our website,


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