You’ve probably heard of a crazy number of products that are becoming more and more acceptable for men to use or wear. We’ve already seen huge developments in the men’s grooming world with skincare and makeup creeping into masculine territories. Even women’s and men’s clothing is becoming synonymous with each other, as some companies are already creating unisex lines. With all this gender-bending momentum, it’s about time that you’ve heard about mens lingerie and sexy underwear.


We can’t tell if you’re shaking your head in disapproval or totally digging this idea, but it’s a trend that’s not slowing down any time soon. If anything it’s giving men a chance to explore and experiment with not only their sexuality, but also a push to test out different menswear styles. The only difference is that it’s done discreetly. Even more so, the majority of mens lingerie is sold online, like on Differio, so no one (except your partner) will know what you’ve been up to.

We’ve broken down exactly what the hype is about, what you should look for, and where you can get your own sexy lingerie for men.

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What is mens lingerie?

If you look up the word “lingerie,” it literally means women’s undergarments, so it might seem a little paradoxical that lingerie for men could ever be a thing. First of all, don’t confuse mens lingerie with men’s underwear. Although you’ll definitely find men’s underwear styles in a mens lingerie store, you won’t necessarily find mens lingerie in a men’s underwear store. Make sense?

Underwear is just one style of undergarment that is included among lingerie, but men can also rock sexy robes, accessories, erotic loungewear, fetish gear, etc. We’re not saying underwear isn’t a huge part of it because some of the most popular men’s lingerie items are jockstraps, thongs, bikini briefs and boxer briefs. We’re just reiterating that it’s not the only piece you can play around with.

Moreover, it’s important not to confuse everyday undergarments with men’s lingerie. Since it’s designed to make you feel sexy, it’s not always created with practicality in mind. For instance, you can rock a faux leather chest harness in the bedroom, but it’s not exactly the most ergonomically designed item to wear underneath a button-down work shirt.

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What style of mens lingerie is right for me?

Now that you’ve got the general idea of what mens lingerie is about, you need to find what style fits your persona. While some guys are into the sports fetish look, others are going for elegantly glam pieces. It’s really up to two factors: what you’ll feel most confident in and what will turn on your partner.

Sexy Underwear for Men

For beginners, sexy men’s underwear is a great way to start exploring lingerie for men. They’re usually somewhat discreet, so you can still wear a thong or jockstrap while you’re out on a date. The most basic styles to look out for are men’s jockstraps, thongs, gay underwear, bikini briefs and boxer briefs. Underwear designers play around with fabric to give it a sexier look than average, so don’t expect just plain cotton thongs. There’s a ton of different fabric styles, including matte leather, patent leather, see-through mesh, fishnet, lace and shiny spandex. 

Fetish Gear & Accessories

The fetish look isn’t as bizarre as it might sound. It’s actually a really sporty look that sometimes can be mistaken for activewear. This style of mens lingerie is perfect for guys that are into leather latex with a sporty twist. You can definitely move around in these pieces, so you won’t feel like as stiff as a board in bed wrapped in tight leather.

Erotic Loungewear

You know those sexy robes that some women wear that you’ll never see them wearing outside of their bedroom? They actually make similar garments just for men. Erotic loungewear also includes men’s clothing you can match with your sexy mens underwear, like short leather shorts, sequin tank tops and see-through mesh t-shirts.

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Where can I buy lingerie for men?

Although there are plenty of online stores that sell men’s underwear, they’re not all necessarily what you’d consider sexy. When was the last time you wore a pair of tighty whiteys and felt like Brad Pitt in the bedroom? We’re guessing never. Moreover, some guys assume lingerie for men can only be found at raunchy sex shops, but that’s actually not the case at all.

For high-quality mens lingerie designed with that timeless sexiness, you can find these men’s underwear styles at Since it’s an online store, it’s super convenient and discreet. You can even get your partner to shop with you!


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