As a Certified Microblading Technician in Charlotte, NC Aliyma Moore has always had a passion for cosmetology; more specifically perfecting the eyebrows. Her passion led her to Atlanta, GA where she received her certification as a Microblading Technician. The Microblading certification she received allows her to perform microblading services on her clients, as well as teach Microblading training classes to certify others in this multi-billion dollar beauty industry.


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Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that reshapes or fills the eyebrows with hairline strokes to the desired fullness and natural look of the eyebrow. Aliyma feels that the eyebrows play an integral role of shaping the face of women. She loves seeing the transformation in her clients from the time they lay in her chair, to seeing the excitement on their faces when they see her finished work. Aliyma aspires to empower women to feel beautiful and to be comfortable in their own skin, and that is exactly what happens after one of her Microblading sessions.

Microblading is extremely popular in other countries and has recently started to become popular in the states. Well known celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, Megan Good to Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis also partake in this hot beauty trend. Aliyma also pointed out that this procedure allows women with alopecia and other skin conditions that won’t allow hair/brows to grow; have the choice to get fuller brows if they so desire.

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Aliyma’s aspiration to become a successful business woman, positive role model and advocate for women wouldn’t allow her career trajectory to just focus on performing Microblading Technician services on her clients. She wanted to empower other women with the skills and techniques to be their own boss as well. This plays into her personal philosophy that there is more than enough for everyone. Her aspiration and personal philosophy prompted her to start her own Microblading business Golhemyrx and training others to become Certified Microblading Technicians.

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Aliyma currently teaches Certified Microblading Training classes in her native Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA and travels from the East to West Coast to give others the opportunity to be a part of this multi billion-dollar industry. 

For more information on her Microblading Training Classes, receiving Microblading Services or to see a Portfolio of her work, visit


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