Mindie Barnett, the owner of MB and Associates Public Relations, is set to release a new memoir on February 26, 2019.  The memoir, titled Intermission: How Fervor, Friendships, and Faith Took Me to the Second Act marks Barnett’s first book.

 Intermission is the inspirational story of Barnett’s leap of faith into the unknown as she files for divorce and navigates dating again on the present-day east coast. Barnett provides an encouraging guide to kick-starting your life again that will resonate, particularly, with women everywhere who are facing big life changes and help them come to the realization that sometimes, the show must stop before it can go on.   

Barnett is one of the nation’s top publicists and on-air lifestyle experts. After successfully navigating her divorce, highlighted in her book, she became a sought-after motivational speaker and writer, specifically covering the topic of how to deal with an ex for the sake of your kids. This is a must-read for any divorced woman looking to calmly co-parent and find the inspiration provided by Mindie to make the next phase of their life a truly happy one.


Mindie took the time to answer our Q and A

What inspired you to write this book about your journey?

I initially wanted to write a book to share my secret for successful co-parenting. My ex-husband and I co-parent to perfection – even when we aren’t necessary “getting along” and I wanted to help others who don’t have it as easy. After I got started, though, all of the stories which lead me up to divorcing to begin with started to pour from me: lessons learned in my youth, leaning on my faith, following my dream to be a TV news anchor/reporter and then finding the courage to leave that field and switch to public relations; growing a business from the ground-up and with nothing but hard work and dedication, dealing with infertility, a near-death experience and then ultimately finding the courage to leave my husband to simply try and find true happiness and unconditional love.

Share with our readers your new experiences of being a single mother and dating after years in a marriage?

I have much more founded appreciation and dedication to my children. Because I now share parenting time with their father, I am much more present, when I am with them, and cherish each and every moment more than I have ever before. We have grown extremely close and I lean on their love and light to guide me when sometimes my own light has dimmed a little.

Dating post-marriage is so different! First of all, I think men think once you’ve hit a certain age (I am 45) you’re more prone to “just be” intimate – that’s never been my style and never will be. In addition, in the era of dating apps and digital dating in general – it’s entirely different than it was 15-years ago! Thankfully, I meet many interesting men through my work and am always building new relationships, so I don’t have to rely too heavily on online sites and tend to date organically.  Also via my plethora of friends’ husbands who are eager to set me up with their business partners or best friends!

How do your children react to new relationships in your life?

They haven’t really been exposed to any of the men I have dated or am presently dating. I have an arrangement with my ex-husband that we both need to be in a relationship for at least 4-months before the kids meet anyone new. I have not yet gotten to my 4-month mark but when I do, I’m sure they’ll be receptive. Both are excited about the idea of having a step-father and someone additional to have fun with and lean on. The only deterrent, according to my 7-year old son, Julian, is that the guy would be in the bed with me and, therefore, when he and his sister enter my room to sneak into my bed in the middle of the night – we’ll all be smooshed together!

What suggestions do you have for a newly single woman involving her children with men she is dating?

To take it slow and don’t share too much information about that part of your life until you think the relationship may turn into something serious. That said, do not to hide the fact you’re dating. The kids need to be eased into the idea and need to be able to trust you – just water it down a bit so it’s a small portion of info – and easy for them to digest.

How do you handle co-parenting with holidays, your children's birthdays, school events?

We both follow my business model – the kids are our “clients” and we are their advocates. We get along lovingly and wonderfully (regardless of what’s going on between the two of us at the given time) and can show up in unison and in harmony on the kids’ behalf always.

If the relationship with your ex is not good, how do you handle events with your kids?

To simply look at the situation the same way you would if you did not like your boss or coworker at work. You HAVE to do it – it’s for the benefit of your child. Take the high road, try and keep your emotions out of it and think of the situation as a work or business obligation.

As a successful professional woman, can you share how you juggle career, children, and dating?

It’s not easy!!! My priority is always my children, followed by my work and then, lastly, the dating. While I do seek a life partner and am eager to find a companion that I’m compatible with and have chemistry with – at the moment it’s lower on my list of must-do’s. With work and my book and my kids’ and my heavy social calendar I know I’ll find the space for a special man when he enters my life!

If a woman marries again, any tips on blending families?

Be open to your partners’ kids – and treat them like they’re your own but take the role of “aunt” if/when issues may arise. You are not the children’s mother and never should assume that role. Also: be open and in tune with your own kids’ feelings and sensitivities and just as (I hope) you did with your divorce, (remove “as it comes to the kids) take it one day at a time, maintaining a positive outlook and open line of communication so you can avert obstacles before they become roadblocks.

Thanks to Mindie for her invaluable advice.

Learn more about Mindie and her book: https://mbandassociatespr.com/book/



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