Portrait of Nancy Gubbala © Chun Hiu Yan (Angel)

 Budding Fashion Designer:

Budding Fashion Designer Sees Nature As Her Greatest Inspiration. Nancy Gubbala knew her life could be more than ordinary, and she knew it after something her aunt said resonated deep within her.  "I want my daughter to believe, deep in her heart, that she is capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to."

Nancy is an up-and-coming Budding Fashion Designer. A former native of India, she has earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and MA in Luxury and Fashion Management.  

 Budding Fashion Designer:


All she ever wanted to do as a young child living in India was to design clothes. It began from a love of artistic design that quickly spilled over into fashion. This bright young woman said fashion was always at the forefront of her mind. She said she could work 24 hours a day and feel like she's not worked at all.  


Nancy said, "There is nothing more thrilling than the time I get to spend working on fashion design."


She believes her creativity comes naturally, which is why she looks for new paths that will propel her into creating something new from the classics. Designs could be changed, either by adding or removing something. 


Her biggest inspiration, she said, comes from nature. 


When she's not designing clothes, she likes to take long walks – be it during the day or night. "I breathe in the scent of the flowers; their sweetness fills my entire nose. The trees seem to congregate with one another, discussing ages past and ages future, rising up but never touching the blue sky above." She feels most at home when in the natural world, and it gives her the utmost confidence she needs to strive for her dreams. Nature is where fashion comes alive for her. This is what makes her different from other designers. She wants to be in the world, enjoying the fresh air and the sunlight, while they don't mind being in their studios day and night. 


 "There is limitless potential among nature."


Her focus on fashion design is evening and casual wear. The designs come from fostering her clarity skill. She imagines a design, gets a feel for how it'll work in the real world, and starts bringing the picture to life. With nature as her inspiration allows them to flow smoothly into a finished product. "Budding Fashion Designer"


It's not just nature that inspires her but the desire to learn new things.


She demands more of herself, which is why she constantly learns new things. The only way to improve is to learn and evolve. She intends to use what she learns to meet the numerous challenges within the fashion design industry head-on.  The young designer said family played a role in her development. Her aunt and grandparents taught her to go after her dreams and encouraged her to foster the creative side of life. She doesn't abide entirely by old traditions and is looking to make her mark in the world; to be original. 


One of her lifelong dreams is to start a brand of her own. This budding designer is grateful for everything her family taught her, but the one thing her aunt said echoes in her head every day. "Believe, deep in your heart, that you're capable of achieving anything you put your mind to."





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