New Yorkers are known for wanting to do everything they can to take care of their dogs. Whether it’s taking them for a walk, going to doggie daycare, or walking down to The Pet Market NYC or Happy Feet Pet shop for a special treat, they want to treat their pet right. But what about when they have questions about making their pooch happy?

That’s where Nancy Mello, an Animal Communicator and Medium comes in. Nancy Mello has been helping people and their canines all across Long Island and the city through the pandemic virtually. Meeting over Zoom, FaceTime, or (for those of us a little bashful) over the phone, Nancy helps pinpoint the little extra things that can make any dog happier.

“At the beginning of the Pandemic, animals were having their own freakout because their owners were home. I had one parrot that started taking it’s feathers out, and a dog that wouldn’t stop pacing. They were feeling their owners stress.” Nancy explains. “Now as the pandemic has subsided, I am seeing a lot of dogs with separation anxiety issues as owners go back to work. Dogs are taking out their stress by obsessive licking, cats are unwilling to come out of hiding spaces. They are having another “freak out.”



What can stress in dogs look like? Pacing, panting, whining are all good indications, but dogs can show it just in a change of behavior. While Nancy stresses during every session that she is “not a veterinarian” she can suggest changes pet owners can make to lesson the anxiety on their pets. Sometimes it can be simple things, like leaving doors or curtains open. Other times it can be more complex. “Some dogs get bored with the same route they walk, and they want to change it up. Other dogs want to go by a specific bakery or coffee pet store because they love the smells. Dogs are autonomous, so every canine I speak to is going to have a different answer on how to make them more comfortable and happier.

Nancy doesn’t just work with New Yorkers. Nancy works with people around the world, including all fifty States and thirty-two countries. She prides herself on her science-based approach “everything I say should be able to proven” She says emphatically.


What’s the best piece of advice she would give any pet owner?

“Speak to your pet like they are a preschooler. Ask them about their day, how they slept, or if they are ready for food. They may not understand every word, but they understand the gist of it.” You can learn more about Nancy on her website:, or her social media channels- and Tiktok: Nancy.mello



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