Following Narine Arakelian’s phenomenal triumph as the headliner of the Armenian pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale earlier this year, she showcased her work for the first time in Miami, at the Scope Art Fair. Arakelian, was hugely sought after and the most photographed at the fair, and her presence in Miami during Basel was followed intently by the press.

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Born in Siberia, Narine Arakelian graduated from the Painting Department of the State Surikov Institute in Moscow in 2015. Since then, Arakelian has devoted her very promising talent to exploring the ocean of arts throughout her life and has become one of the most well-recognized Armenian artists of her generation.

At the Scope Art Fair, Narine Arakelian displayed two of her favorite pieces of solo show "The Pharos Flower" (Venice, Italy, 2019). The first was her LOVE painting - is an impressive artwork of handcrafted golden silk with LOVE in bold letters throughout. The canvas explores what human nature is at its core, are we beings that moved by programming or by passion? The work also has a sister HOPE which was included in a series of portraits taken of Arakelian at the famous Versace Villa, which will soon be released to the works media.

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While she was in Miami, Narine Arakelian also did an art performance ‘Love&Hope’ that was photographed at the Versace Villa. Using her canvases LOVE and HOPE, made with real gold silks, texted with inspirational messages, she gracefully moved about the famous villa, captured by world-class photography.
Narine Arakelian is also displayed some of her much-applauded video-art ‘Rebirth Subconscious’ 2019 of the solo show ‘The

Pharos Flower’ at the fair. The meditative digital work displayed at SCOPE shows an unwinding of draperies around the artist. Video frames of light are replaced by statues of rebirth and the artist's body is used as an art object. The artist experimented with light and explores the movement of plastic solutions from the Renaissance to modern art. This piece looked at immersion into one's unconscious, as a way of transforming and transmitting one's inner spiritual experience in interaction with art.

Narine Arakelian will be exhibiting a more extended show during the upcoming Frieze exhibitions later this year.


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