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Walking through darkness requires divine light to survive.  

Darkness provides serenity, confusion, uncertainty, pain, and indescribable strength. Maneuvering through darkness enables a person to ascertain their mental toughness and diagnose who's a friend or foe in attaining greatness. During life's darkest moments, survival pushes a person to the brink of demise or supreme being.    

An identifying mark of a visionary is having the ability to walk along the road less traveled and endure incalculable suffering to manifest destiny. Walking through darkness requires faith beyond normal and divine light to survive.      

Nasti Musiq understands the difference between average and immorality.   

Nasti Musiq's
life story includes everything from fame, fortune, betrayal, emotional distress, death, and unconventional love via family ties. Nasti Musiq's natural ability to sing angelic music chords is unparalleled.    

Nasti Musiq's emotional connection to his dreams and nightmares mesh perfectly within the music. Listening to Nasti Musiq's, you experience a psychological Hollywood thriller movie with an alternative ending on each track.   

Nasti Musiq's music originates from the depths of his creative genius and creates a compelling euphoria around his brand. God blessed Nasti Musiq with the divine gift of singing R&B soul music. His musical catalog streams in high demand in over ten countries and has amassed more than 500,000 downloads. In 2022, Nasti Musiq's company, brand, and music are on track for unprecedented success.    

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