Nicola Fatale is the founder, CEO, and head designer of the Nicola Fatale Clothing. Twenty-eight years old, Nicola was born and raised in Germany. Nicola started a clothing business with his friend almost ten years ago; they would sell Blanco t-shirts from H&M by imprinting their designs on Facebook. Initially, the duo was interested in exploring their interest in designing. Due to the unavailability of clothing options, they wanted something that would quench their desire for better designs. However, they were not experts, knew nothing about marketing, and did not register a business.



Meanwhile, Nicola kept working on his designs, graduated and studied interior and fashion design. It helped him get hands-on experience in colour compositions and design rules. Eventually, he started over as he never had enough of fashion designing and wanted to pursue it professionally.

Unlike other print on demand t-shirt providers, Nicola Fatale Clothing has designed and developed clothing ideas instead of focusing on only shirts and hoodies. Nicola asserts that they swim against the tide; however, they have managed to produce and sell high-end products. As of now, there are over a hundred types of clothing and accessories. In addition, the company is also working on their Diamond Collection. Pieces in the diamond collection would be engraved with a diamond logo of Nicola Fatale. Whereas the company also provides custom-designed clothes.

Moreover, the company has been working on sustainable utilization of resources and product development. They ensure minimum waste and work with vendors who adhere to sustainable growth in the textile industry. For example, they ensure that the employees are paid fairly and equitably and have satisfactory working conditions. Nicola Fatale Clothing offers individual, original pieces rather than producing products widely available and produced by all other brands. Similarly, each product undergoes a quality control procedure and is inspected several times during manufacturing.

The company caters to the needs of a diverse clientele. Nicola advises you to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable, and you should not choose an item just because it is trendy or you feel a social constraint. However, he believes that everyone should have at least one piece in their closet from Nicola Fatale.



In the fashion industry, trends play a significant part. Large brands follow trends and produce products that do not last long. Each fashion trend has a limited life span, and it costs companies to throw away their products after some time. However, people also play a large part in actually emulating these trends. In comparison, Nicola Fatale believes in setting their own trends; consequently, they do not have to throw away their products since they are sustainable, durable, and fashionable. Similarly, it also helps reduce waste and protect the environment since the textile industry contributes to pollution and wastage.

As a fashion designer, Nicola believes in doing things differently. He has never been part of the crowd and continuously experiments to develop new ideas. The most mundane things often inspire him; however, each design attests to Nicola’s perfectionism. The company has two warehouses; the German warehouse ships worldwide, whereas the one in China covers the local market. Shipments are free of charge, and the company is working on offering worldwide services from both warehouses.

Nicola aims to be recognized for his high-quality, unique, original, and sustainable products. He advises you to wear durable clothes that will make you feel comfortable. The idea behind creating numerous designs is to cater to the needs of as many people as possible, and the company has all the resources to pursue it more durably and fashionably.
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