The LA-based brand provides a modern curation of pieces that unite elegance, timelessness, and Eco-consciousness. 

Cristiane Bachmann, founder of Nueve Los Angeles, states it clearly: “We exist to do the work, so you don’t have to.” She founded Nueve in 2021 after realizing how increasingly at odds the fashion industry was (and is) with her connection to the earth and its people. Bachmann started feeling a profound responsibility for how she was consuming in her daily life and decided to start making better choices to become a more conscious human, as each little shift can make a huge impact.  

She united this newfound realization with her long-term passion for the world of fashion and personal style and created Nueve, dedicated to curating all kinds of pieces, from apparel to skincare. “We proudly find, vet, and research the brands we represent, only accepting the ones that are actively trying to improve their social and environmental footprint in some way.”



Bachmann recognizes that they’re not perfect and don’t search for flawlessness in the brands they feature: their goal is better consumerism, and their aim is to include brands and products that reflect that in every way possible. “It means we ask the tough questions, require proof of action, and hold our brands accountable.” 

The criteria are clear. At Nueve, they partner with brands striving towards sustainability and are transparent with their processes, materials, and resources. While being from different brands, the products featured all have timelessness and care in common: investment pieces that exude elegance, and attention to detail, and that will stand the test of time. 

“When you shop with us, you can do so with confidence, knowing you’re supporting the change we all hope to see. Nueve is a way for us to do our part, connect with people that care, and build a community that keeps learning from each other.” says Bachmann. An ode to the “fewer but better” mindset and an accurate representation of Nueve’s values on transparency, thoughtfulness, and timelessness. 


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