Peter Millar was founded 2011 and since then, it has grown to be one of the renowned lifestyle brands featuring men’s luxury and casual wear. The brand features wide array of casual and luxury tailored clothing, sportswear, furnishings and more. Today, the industry considers Peter Millar to be one of the timeless designer clothing brands that exude timeless style.


In designer collections of clothing for men, Peter Millar features magnificent style with top of the class craftsmanship sharp detail and unparalleled quality. From when Peter Millar was first established, they featured a collection of fine clothing and accessories that over the years became the standard bearer of clothing for the demanding and discerning individuals.

Peter Millar

The brand is the standard clothing for challenging individuals in the office, on the golf course or out of town. Staring from the brand’s original cashmere sweater, the brand evolved to providing consumers across the world with wide array of formal and casual wear. Using the highest quality materials, their clothing line has embraced classic, old-style created through sharp details and splendid artisanship.

When it comes to men’s clothing, Peter Millar is known for their wide color palette and the distinctly proper clothing. In addition to that, the brand offers wide selection, providing just about everything from sweater, polo shirts, wove sports shirts, sweaters and knit golf shirts along with outerwear, tailored clothing, footwear and accessories.

As a designer clothing line, you can expect that all of Peter Millar’s products are of the finest quality materials. Using the best materials and outstanding construction, their able to provide the best products for men who thrive in the most challenging environment. Men who love challenge need the kind of clothing style that is versatile and with affordable elegance.

Peter Millar provide consumers from across the globe the best business attire and tailored clothing parallel to their level of performance. With Peter Millar, consumers are certain to take advantage of everyday sophistication. With business operations centered in Durham, N.C., Peter Millar continuous to be one of the fastest growing clothing brands today. 

Peter Millar

The brand is one of the most sought-after clothing lines in the lifestyle clothing market. Consumers can find Peter Millar products online and in specialty stores worldwide. In addition, their clothing and accessories can also be found in exclusive country clubs and several prestigious resorts. Their products are distributed globally to North America, South Pacific, Asia, Europe and Australia.

The Peter Millar clothing line is one of the luxurious clothing line that offers men lifestyle clothing, the type of clothing that matches their level of performance. With Peter Millar, you can expect a quality of clothing that is great, lasting and sophisticated. This is a line of clothing that anyone would want to stay with and be part of their growth in career and life.

Currently, Peter Millar’s new offering include the newly, reinvented pants with updated fit and super soft finish. Consumers from all over the world can now take advantage of the best new pants along with Peter Millar’s existing line of men’s wear and sportswear.

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