Such an enlightening presentation to watch, Ravoshia’s latest visual for ‘Mannequin Performance Style 101’ is very masterful and unique. In 2020, the singer released the official logo for the theme receiving a good response due to creating a clearer picture of it. Nonetheless, now in 2022, she has elevated, adding clarification to the theme with a new video and photos that fully complete the picture of what the creative design truly is. Key points to take from the latest visual is the Albert Einstein quote at the end of the video which sheds light that her alter ego, Lady Einstein, new visual and performance theme is inspired by the great Einstein.

As “Me +1, Me +2, Me +3,= (R)MPS101” highlights that point.

Ravoshia is multifaceted, being a singer, songwriter, dancer, and even a writer in different forms such as quotes, short stories, and monologues. All signs point to the recording artist is a genius. There is excitement for what's next to come, with Ravoshia’s Mannequin Performance Style 101, her alter ego The Mastermind/Lady Einstein aligned with what the next music single released will be. A while ago there was mention of a single called Mastermind, the anticipation is high at the present moment and we are looking forward to seeing what happens.



We had the chance to speak with Ravoshia exclusively, to get the details about her new visual for Mannequin Performance Style 101, and her alter ego The Mastermind/Lady Einstein.

Who is The Mastermind/Lady Einstein and how did she become your alter ego?

She is a beautiful wildcard of a character, with a bold presence. Lady Einstein is both bad and good, although, more on the bad side rather than good. She's like a combination of being completely made up/created, while also being a side of myself that is much more creative and out there. She is big on imagination and inventing new ways of doing and enhancing stuff, such as performance, music and entertainment in general.

What is the difference between you and your alter ego?

The main difference is that she's' just way more mischievous, mysterious, bold, and weirder when it comes to performing/enterianting, musically with lyrics. She's more likely to say and do stuff that I wouldn't be as bold to sing, speak or perform.

Did Albert Einstein inspire Lady Einstein?

Yes, Albert Einstein is a huge inspiration for my alter ego and for my mannequin performance style 101 now that it is influenced more by The Mastermind/Lady Einstein. His mindset and beliefs on imagination being important correlates with my alter ego and of course the invention side.

What is the main meaning behind your “Mannequin Performance Style 101” theme?

My performance design’s main message is about the paradigm of art and creativity with performance as a whole. I want viewers to feel and see the overall essence between me or the (individual/s performing) with the mannequins as an in-sync presentation..

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us!




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