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Immortal Love for Detroit 

Growing up in a city like Detroit is an experience like no other. The city of Detroit embodies all the feelings of pain, emotion, fraternity, fashion swag, and music all in harmony with one another. 

Detroit illuminates the beauty of artistic freedom and humanity. In order to cement your place in the Motor City, you will need street smarts, common sense, mental stamina, and a dedicated work ethic that few others can match. 

In the veins of the city's most renowned hustlers, the spirit of Detroit lives on. Within moments of setting foot in the town, you will be overwhelmed by its incredible energy, which you cannot describe. Despite its reputation for violence and heartbreak, Detroit's inner-city essence is pure. 

Rimanist is built for the long run   

No amount of preparation in the world can prepare a person for the uncertainties, the risks, and the aspects of betrayal that are part of life. Life's most challenging and infuriating experiences can be overcome when we have the capacity to adapt.  

Being a Detroit native and bred in the city, entrepreneur/major recording artist Rimanist knows the price of life and the significance of destiny. Rimanist has a reputation that stretches to all four corners of Detroit, and his name is street certified.  

The process of creating music is not just a hobby for him; rather, it is a passion. Hip-hop is a religion to him and a prophecy for his life's purpose. He controls his masters, record label, TV/Film production company, and publishing company.  

The Rimanist collective have the genetic make up that will enable them to carry on the city's rich Hip-Hop culture far into the future. 

Rimanist curates music for DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami, which broadcasts on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. RADIOPUSHERS is the parent company of DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. 

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