Seasonal changes and pesky ingredients make our hair more susceptible to damage. We always remember to apply sunscreen to our bodies when we go outside, but what about our hair? It’s a common misconception that only cooler weather is harsh on hair. In reality, leaving your stands in the hands of warm, humid and dry weather can be just as taxing. Long hours of scorching heat and dry winds make our hair look and feel more brittle and dry, which is why you must actively work to protect your mane.

When it comes to curly and coiled hair, moisturizing is the key! No matter what curly hair texture you are dealing with - dull, dry, lifeless, split-ends, and worst of all heat-damaged - the solution always lies in grabbing a spoonful of moisturizing ingredients to nourish your hair from roots to tips. But with so many products in this market it can be difficult to find a product that is compatible with your hair and contains healthy ingredients.

Luckily, Rucker Roots, has come to the rescue just in time with a brand-new launch. This 100% vegan Papaya hair line has been curated to bring life to dull-looking hair all season long. The organic hair conditioners and masks engineered particularly for curly hair contain natural ingredients like Papaya seed oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Avocado that permeate the hair strands leaving them super silky, deeply nourished and protected from in harsh weather.


Two standouts from the line include:

Nourish + Restore Papaya & Mango Butter Milk

This formula does wonders to your lifeless, dry, and dull curls that are in dire need of an instant boost of hydration. It features Papaya seed oil - rich in Vitamin A and antioxidants - to help hydrate the hair. The Shea Butter in conjunction with Mango Butter helps to lock in the moisture tightly. This hair care regimen replenishes and strengthens the hair strands leaving the curls shiny and bouncy. This is best suited for the ones struggling with 3A-4C hair texture.


Nourish + Restore Papaya & Mango Deep Conditioning Mask

If you're dealing with dry and brittle hair that ultimately results in hair breakage, this deep conditioning hair mask is for you! This won’t just nourish and restore the damage, but also boosts the hair growth and prevents the hair loss. The Shea butter helps soothe the irritation on the hair scalp and Avocado- a rich source of amino acids, proteins, and vitamins- fortifies the strength of the hair strands. The creamy consistency of Papaya seed oil and Mango Butter adds shine to the dull hair without the unnecessary buildup.


Both products work amazingly to nourish, strengthen, and leave intense moisture behind. While these are some of our favorites, we must admit, the entire Rucker Roots line works wonders. With one use of the newly launched collection, your hair will see a difference and be thanking you for a very long time!


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