Sean Delaney started his clothing company Sincerely Dedicated in 2008. As an independent hip-hop artist, he realized making music wasn't going to pay the bills.  One day he wrote his signature on a piece of paper and fell in love with the way it looked. He got together with a local mom-and-pop clothing shop and put together his first design, by taking his signature and placing it on a t-shirt.
Sean Delaney
He created design after design wearing his brand all over town so it was constantly recognized. Before he knew it a new brand was being formed and his reputation as an entrepreneur started becoming a reality. He started creating jewelry to go along with the clothing. He perfected and mastered the art of Shamballa and sold his custom pieces everywhere.
He wanted people to know that dedication starts from within and everyone has it. He came up with the slogan "Everyone is Dedicated to Something". Soon after he created his website and the word started catching on about the local clothing company with the treble clef logo.
He was able to gain the attention of a few celebrities that endorsed the brand and provided a boost of confidence in his abilities to create authentic designs the world would love.


He was placed in an international clothing magazine that had over a million readers. He traveled far and near to different festivals to get his brand more recognition. All of this continued to help the brand grow.
Years later the company is now thriving on entirely new levels. He became well known around the area began selling and branching out into other parts of the world. He continues to revamp his brand every year to keep up with the latest trends.

Today Sean's line has expanded to include his own Sneaker line, fragrance, designer handbags jewelry, tees, hoodies, and more. He sees the brand as a Casual Streetwear concept with a sophisticated touch.

In his own words, Sean says ... "The Sincerely Dedicated company is all about being dedicated to whatever it is that you believe in.

How much are you willing to put into your dream to make it a reality? That is the question we ask ourselves every day, and it motivates us to want to win.
It is about the drive and the willingness to push forward through all of the ups and downs. It is about believing in yourself when no one else will and seeing your past failures as present successes. Here at our company, we see everyone as equal. We hold no bias nor judgment. We are dedicated to preserving the foundation and the fabric that makes up our DNA.
Anyone who wears our clothing represents true dedication to its core.  We praise originality, dedication to individuality, and dedication to living a life full of hard work, motivation, and sincerity."
Check Sean's line on the web at Instagram: @sdclothingco


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