California-born model, actress and social media influencer Pamela Jean Noble

@pamelajeannoble is known for her roles on the BRAVO television series, Below Deck, and the CMT series, Bachelorette Weekend, but beyond the television cameras, Noble has walked many fashion runways and appeared on the cover of countless fashion magazines... so we just had to get her into ours!



Taking a break from her busy schedule before the holidays, we spoke with Noble about her relationship with New York, inspirations and more!

1. When did you first know you wanted to work in the entertainment and modeling world career wise?

I know it may sound cliché, or typical, for a California girl; But I truly knew I wanted to act at a very young age. I actually told my parents that “I want to do that” (pointing at the TV) before age 5. However, at that age you can be anything you want, and don’t know the difficulties, let alone think about that stuff! Getting to where I am now, and the success is no easy feat, and on the other hand, there is modeling. Modeling was very different though- they [acting and modeling] are two different worlds, and misconceived that you are a model/actress, but they are not wrapped into one career type. I had a much different entry into the world of modeling. Modeling began for me when I worked on a music video and one of the make-up artists said she had a picture of me from that day in her portfolio and people would always ask about me. She suggested I try modeling and set up my entire first shoot: hair, makeup, photographer, wardrobe, etc. It was amazing!

2. Which main projects have you done in NYC?

I have done photoshoots and event appearances. I was also brought in to film an interview with Cheddar TV about my career. I had such an amazing time anytime I have been [to NYC] and hope to get there more next year! I had so many opportunities this past year to go out and unfortunately every time I was booked for something, so fingers crossed for 2020!

3. What is your relationship with New York?

I have mostly been there for work, but it is always fun to visit. There are so many things I still want to do and see there that I have not had a chance to based on my schedule: go see Freedom Towers, visit hot-spot foodie restaurants, and I still want to see the ball drop in NYC eventually! Hopefully next year I will get a chance!


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4. Has NYC inspired you at all?

Yes! I mean obviously the work ethic and the scheduling is just incredible. It really makes you want to work that much harder. There is a buzz in the air unlike anywhere else. I also am truly grateful for some of these New York Vegan Fashion Houses: VAUTE Couture, Stella McCartney, MooShoes, and Unis.

5. What about being in-front of the camera do you love so much about?

It’s one of those feelings that is almost indescribable. I am not me in front of the camera. When it’s “go-time”, I turn a completely different side of me on. From a red carpet, to a set, photoshoot, whatever it is- I go to work, and I always strive to give it 110% and be professional. What people may not know when I’m off camera: I like to consider myself a nerd and actually am an introvert surprisingly.

6. And finally, aside from work, you are a huge animal rights advocate. Tell us more about your new non-profit Noble Critters and how others can get involved once you launch.

Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this and it has been a dream of mine! I am a huge animal lover and one day I want to have an animal sanctuary with dogs, cats, cows, pigs, horses, etc. Until that day comes where I can fully invest in the infrastructure of an animal sanctuary, and the responsibilities that come with running and maintaining one to the best possible standards and care; I am in the process of launching Noble Critters which will hopefully go live sometime in September if not sooner! Noble Critters will be an online store where clothing items and accessories can be purchased and 100% of the profits will be donated to an animal sanctuary each month. I have already partnered with 3 animal sanctuaries and hope to keep growing my partners so more sanctuaries are being donated to.


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