Let’s confess, we, women, care the most about looking good when we need to be out for a night or have a party to go. What do we do? We pull out all we have from the wardrobe and start putting on and off. All we are looking for is something that will show off our beautiful body and hide all the imperfection we have got. So, we are looking for something that will make us look slimmer and but together with it will show off our natural beauty. Here we go with some tricks on how to look slimmer when you are about to leave the house and go out for a party!

how to look slim

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When wearing jeans

The party doesn’t always mean you have to wear a little dress, it can also be a very nice combination of jeans, blouse, and high heels. Here you better opt for skinny jeans if you have a smaller butt. The skinny jeans will underline your legs and will make your behind look bigger. Just a light, loose blouse, and high heels will make your look complete. Make sure you choose jeans right, otherwise you will not have the desired slim look.

When wearing maxi skirts

If you are following the idea that maxi skirts are not for curvy women, then you probably have never worn the right maxi skirt. Actually, if you choose right, maxi skirts may make your body look longer and leaner, which means you will look slimmer. Choose one that has many layers or has different loose pockets. Add a tight and fitted top to it and you will be ready for a good night out. Ah, by the way, don’t opt for any flats or sandals, go for high heels!

When wearing same colors

Here come the oldest trick of looking slimmer – wearing the same color clothes. And, indeed, this is tested and actual for all the cases. You need to be sure about the same color you choose. The easiest way, of course, is the black - from head to toe. This creates an illusion of a vertical line that makes you look leaner. Other dark colors may also work perfect, and it is something very subjective for all women. Some look slimmer in the dark but different colors some just opt for black as it is the only color that word for the, Whatever it is, just be sure you don’t have any crossing brighter lines on any art of the clothing as they may break the slim illusion.

There are too many other options as well, you can try and create your own ways of looking slimmer with the help of fashion. Whatever it is, don’t forget to be confident in what you wear and let the fashion be just a helping hand! 

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