Specter Sunglasses Made with Titanium Frame, Blackout Lens Are Coming!






The market today is flooded with overpriced, plastic sunglasses. Stale designs, cheap lenses, and uncomfortable frames. Popular brands have been mass producing the same styles for over 30 years. The creators of Specter sought to create something more special, and started by reimagining your classic, everyday shades.


Specter, is bringing to life their unique, hand assembled sunglasses and proprietary Blackout lenses designed by a team of engineers, designers, creators in San Francisco and a seasoned group of craftsman from a small coastal town in Japan.


Specter Sunglasses are comfortable and featherlight, they will be the only shades you will ever need. 


The sunglasses are made in Japan and every part sourced is also from Japan. The final products are 100% hand-assembled in Japan. Rigorous quality inspections are conducted after each stage of the manufacturing process, which means that every pair of our sunglasses is crafted with confidence.


With the Japanese saying “Shokunin” the mastery of one’s craft -- in mind, Specter brings distinct designs, comfort, and quality craftsmanship in each of their products. In fact, the US Specter team traveled 300 miles outside of Tokyo to a region notorious for both expert sword-making since the 14th century and high-end optical frames, to bring this powerful team together.


Very few places in the world know how to handle high grade titanium properly, especially when it comes to optical frames. This is why Specter sought out The Fukui Perfecture in Japan -- the craftsmen first to create titanium optical frames.



They don't believe in distorting your vision or adding excessive flair to the lenses.


All of Specter lenses are designed to decrease glare while maintaining true color perception. They are all UV 400, offering the highest quality of protection on the market today by blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB light.


The first two frames available are the Specter Veil, a classic silhouette with a low-profile design, and the Specter Valor, made entirely of high-grade titanium, featuring this season’s most sought after flat-lens look.). Both frames can be paired with any of their three lenses:


  • Proprietary Blackout Lenses: Designed by a Stanford Biomechanical Engineer, lenses of these kind are the first the world has ever seen. They go from a dark, yet comfortable tint in the shade to a much richer and darker hue under the sun, giving you a distinct look that no other pair of sunglasses offer today. Think of them like luxury car tinted glass for your sunglasses.

  • Polarized Smoke Lenses:
    coated with a special film that helps reduce glare and eyestrain, allowing you to see crisply and cleanly with a level of detail that may surprise you.

  • specter1

    Standard Smoke Lenses
    : designed to decrease glare while maintaining true color perception.


Specter Sunglasses are so comfortable that you forget you're even wearing them. Light, balanced, and flexible. Many brands today are promoting frames made of exotic materials like walnut wood or bamboo. These often look great, but bottom line is they are extremely unforgiving and usually uncomfortable, like wearing a pair of picture frames on your face.


Specter stuck to time-tested materials like high-grade titanium, known for ultralight comfort. 30% stronger than steel, but nearly 50% lighter.




Launch Video from Specter Built on Vimeo.


You can order on their Indiegogo page:






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