A study choice test is increasingly popular these days. The times when choosing a suitable study was easy are over. Nowadays you have so many options that you may not see the wood for the trees. It is nice to know that a study choice test like The Bridge Career is available. In this way you will have a helping hand in making your choice.

What is a study choice test?

A study choice test is a means to gain more insight into your optimal study choice. Nowadays, there are many possibilities in terms of education. Some of the people don't even know they exist.

With a study choice test, each individual is given the opportunity to quickly gain more information about the right choice of study. For people who have difficulty with this, it offers the perfect solution.

The advantages of The Bridge Career study choice test


The Bridge Career study choice test has a number of convincing advantages. Based on these points it is quickly clear that this test is a smart move. For example:

  • Very thorough test: This study choice test has a total of 318 different questions. This makes it immediately clear that this is not a simple test. The goal is to thoroughly find out where your preferences really lie. This is only possible by finding this out in different ways. With 318 questions in total, this goal is achieved time and time again. At the end of the test you get a very complete picture. This is very much in line with where individual interests lie when it comes to choosing a course of study.

  • Scientifically developed: It is important to mention that this test is scientifically developed. This happened in collaboration with the University of Utrecht. There was a lot of research involved to put this test together as well as possible. Such that the results are as close as possible to what people in practice are actually looking for.

  • Results within 30 minutes: Another big advantage of this professional study choice test is that it can be taken immediately. After placing your order you can start right away. Thus, you will receive the results of the test within 30 minutes. This is an ideal tool for quick results. Especially when there is some rush behind taking a decision. For example at the moment you still have to register for something.

  • Summary score by study: The great thing about this study choice test is that it gives you a clear score per study and profession. So it is per profession and/or study to read how well you are a match. Ideal if you are curious what your score is per study. For example, at a time when you are very likely to choose between two different studies and/or career options. 

Take a study choice test now

So are you currently in a situation where you don't know which study to choose? And are you looking for a professional helping hand? Then The Bridge Career is the ideal study choice test for you.

Many people have already gone before you in finding the perfect study. Time and time again it turns out to be very helpful. In some cases you even see that a study is chosen that you had never even considered. In this way it provides extremely valuable insights for each individual. And it can even be taken completely online.

Don't wait any longer than necessary and take action today. After placing your order with TestGroup, you can immediately start taking the test. Within no time at all you will know exactly which direction you should probably take.

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