Is there is anything better than a summer in New York? Oh yes, a summer wedding in NYC! It's a city where love is in the air, but as many brides know there is also a lot of anxiety too on what to wear to those amazing celebrations. Luckily there is a lot on Instagram for inspiration and finding that perfect summer wedding outfit which will go well with your hopefully perfect wedding date.

We've looked through the top fashion Instagram account to gather the best options on the market.


Yet the picky girl knows how frustratingly difficult it is to find the perfect outfit that suits your desires and needs. for example, if you want to be on the dance floor most of the night, then you have to have comfortable shoes to party in; if instead you’re going to a summer outdoor wedding ceremony, then definitely something light and cool is recommend. No one wants to pose and sweat all night since you know there will be selfies and FB posts going up everywhere! For the summer, there’s obviously a dress code due to the crazy hot and muggy weather of New York, and then add in the loads of people at the wedding, and the long day from church to speeches. So if you want to look hot and make all those people who'll be attending envious, or asking 'who's that girl?' (without upstaging the bride obviously), then take heed to some cool fashion advice and ideas that will make your summer wedding plans in NYC a dream! We'll leave finding the perfect date, up to you, but a hot outfit should be a good start to maybe snatch one at the occasion.

Put on the Pants

Many want to wear dresses to summer wedding but instead of jumping into a frock you should try jumpsuits which offer glamour that a gown cannot, with the comfort and ability to dance free that only a sexy pair of pants can give. Buy them in luxurious fabrics, like silky gold, or sexy black, and then they'll be fancy for the black-tie occasion.

Fancy Flats

Who needs heels when you're outside sweating all day. And in you want to put in a major dance-floor performance go for flat and avoid cruel footwear. Flat sandals with lots of shiny embellishments like with pearls or gilded gold, are so fancy and keep your feet fresh!

Red Carpet Glitz

Founded in 2013, Solace London is a new label that is perfect for outdoor wedding and they've won over tons of celebrities and stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. They have fashion-forward shapes and details like asymmetrical hemlines and oversize ruffles for 2017 summer, and it's easy to see why with all these fancy endorsements and sold at good prices these luxury looks are a steal.

Silky Touches

You can't go without a purse and to finish off a look many choose minaudieres, which are totally fine, but for 2017 the go-to occasion bag is the satin pouch, which are fresher and cuter for summer evenings and are totally light to carry, which is perfect for a hot summer night dancing and celebrating.

Top 5 Instagram

For the best wedding inspiration check out the best fashion Ingram account for different areas that are all important to put together a cool summer wedding in NYC. Ideas can come in many different forms and sources, but Instagram remains one of the top resources for finding and discovering amazing ideas for that big day. Here's our list of top 5 most gorgeous and inspirational wedding feeds on Instagram that will give you instant gratification and a checklist for everything you'll need to have a unforgettable wedding day!

1. Amsale — Instagram Handle: @amsalebridal

This amazing and creative mind of 25-year trendsetting bridal designer, Amsale Aberra, puts together a cohesive feed of unforgettable and elegant shots photos of some of the city's rich and famous a.k.a. most gorgeously dressed brides.

2. Smitten on Paper— Instagram Handle: @smittenonpaper

Invitations set the tone and so does the photography of beautifully handwritten calligraphy. They create custom designs, and so their feed is full of stunning stationery that this NYC design maven keeps pumping out for their fans.

3. Abigail Kirsch Catering — Instagram Handle: @abigailkirschcatering

This NYC catering business is the creme de la creme providing photos that are both mouth watering inspiration and irresistible, shot beautifully, serving up platter of dining indulgences every bride would want.

4. Brides— Instagram Handle: @brides

This might be the only feed you need, a one-stop-shop for bridal ideas that will blow you away laced with breathtaking creativity for all kinds of aspects of wedding, especially for summer won't leave you in doubt.

5. Maggie Austin Cakes — Instagram Handle: @maggieaustincake

No wedding is complete without a cake and this designer uses bold colors with unmatched sophistication, all stemming from the experience this artiste got from her time at French Pastry School.


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