We love our dogs and want all things best for them. We want them to stay clean and tidy all the time, and that is why we always keep a pack of dog wipes at home. So that whenever our pups make a mess, we can easily clean them up without having to get them wet.

We keep the dog pantry full, but every now and then, we run out of something. Perhaps, this time it was pet wipes. And now you are thinking of cleaning your furry friend using baby wipes. You assume that babies have sensitive skin, and if something is safe for them, it would be safe for pets as well. But unfortunately, it is not the case.




Are Baby Wipes Safe For Dogs?

No! Baby wipes are not safe for dogs as they are specifically designed for baby skin, which is quite different from dog skin.


Reasons Why You Should Not Use Baby Wipes On Your Dog?

Here are a few reasons that make baby wipes harmful to dog skin.


Baby Wipes Are Too Acidic For Dog Skin

Human skin is very different from dog skin. Where human skin has a pH of around 5.5, the pH of dog skin is more alkaline. So as baby wipes are made with babies’ skin pH in mind, they are too acidic for our dogs. On use, baby wipes would cause pH imbalance and lead to rash, bacterial infection, and skin issues like vaginitis.


There Are Harmful Ingredient For Canines

Baby wipes often contain propylene glycol for their moisturizing properties. This compound might not cause any skin irritation in canines, but its ingestion could be poisoning, leading to seizures, tremors, panting, etc.

Besides propylene glycol, baby wipes contain many preservatives that are mixed with ethylene oxide to reduce their harshness to baby skin. Ethylene oxide has carcinogenic properties and could be hazardous for dogs.




Safe Alternatives to Baby Wipes 


Dog Wipes

The safes and most reliable alternative to baby wipes are dog wipes. They are specifically made while considering the sensitivities and licking habits of dogs. So while cleaning your pup with dog wipes, you won’t have to worry about your dog licking the spot or developing any rash.

Tetesol Dog Wipes for Dogs

If you have a dog living under your roof, you should get a pack of Tetesol Dog Wipes for DogsThese all-purpose cleaning wipes are plant-based, mild and durable. Besides cleaning filth off your pup, these wipes also eliminate unpleasant odors.

Other Alternatives

  • DIY pet wipes
  • Dry dog shampoo
  • Cotton washcloth with dog shampoo
  • Bathing the Dog


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