At a first glance, not many of us put too much appreciation on the Southeast Asian news market. Now for some, this is a new gateway to bridging the gap between the media being able to finally reach the marginalized communities in southeast Asia.  One of the great examples is the Jakarta Post, bringing news to millions in Indonesia like none other in the country. 

Now, Less then two years ago Media pioneer Brendan Moriarty launched the US-based news agency The Cambodian Journal. Since it’s launch The Cambodian journal has dominated in News & social media Instagram, Twitter to just name a few. Now without looking at TCJ competitors, I wouldn’t be able to understand. For instance, the Phnom Penh Post the first newspaper since democracy was brought back into Cambodia in 1993. With being one of the oldest gives it the edge but with reaching the youth in the multimedia category it is definitely dwarfed by The Cambodian journals ability to having top-notch news Memes / News which are zero to none. A source for one of the top media analytic companies has stated that The Cambodian journal in the past year alone has made a serious name in News for itself. TCJ is a very savvy news agency with the ability to see around the corner in new creative ways to bring news to all parts of Southeast Asia, not just Cambodia. 
One of the reasons why I wanted to shed light on this New news agency, Is his ability to reach out to many different needed communities which none have up until this point.

Studies have shown That 2/3 of all people utilize social media to receive news daily. The Cambodian journal on Instagram alone is rivaling the Washington Examiner which daily stories and post don’t even match up to this new Contender of the new generation of media news. 
This reminds me of Ted Turner's vision and all the great achievements he has made in multimedia. 

As a pop culture and fashion magazine, we are excited and look forward to the future of The Cambodian journal.
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