You may have seen old-fashioned style trolleys on the streets of New York City.


The New York Trolley Company offers a fun and unique transportation option for any occasion. They are fabulous for weddings, bachelorette parties, birthdays, pub crawls, party bus, event transportation, corporate charters or any special event. The trolleys are famous for being comfortable and clean, so you and your guests will have an amazing experience. Why rent a bus or limo service when you can rent the trolley which will make your special event a memorable one.




The trolleys are modeled after the 1950s trolleys which used to roam the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, Dolly and Ollie. They are track-free trolleys on wheels so you can travel the city while listening to music and enjoy cocktails or your favorite beer. The trolleys will pick your group up at any location and drop off after the event, so no worrying about calling cabs, uber or standing in line at a parking garage for your car.


The New York Trolley Company was launched in in 2009 by entrepreneur Dave Pike. “The company has become a staple in the New York social scene by providing luxurious riding experiences for social and corporate events, pub crawls, wedding parties, and family holiday gatherings,” stated Pike.


Pike felt NYC was missing something when it came to providing people with an alternative means to connect socially. Trolleys were one of the most popular forms of transportation in New York in the early 1950's. Pike wanted to provide a new social and more interactive way for large groups of friends to connect as well as provide companies with an alternative option to entertain large groups of people. So, by applying a fresh new approach to an old transportation model, The New York Trolley Company was born.




David Pike answered a Q and A for our readers.


Share with our readers details about renting the Trolley for parties, special events or just a night out with friends?
Our trolleys are perfect for getting friends together.  They can fit up to 34 people and act as a mobile bar since they are BYOB.  People have called us the best party bus in NYC.  You can plug in your phone to our stereo system to seamlessly play music.  Once you board, you oversee your own personal trolley and can tell the driver wherever you want to go or stop.

How many people can the trolley hold?

Our trolleys hold 34 passengers each. 


How many hours is the typical rental?

The typical charter is 2-5 hours.

What makes your Trolleys ideal for weddings? 

Our trolleys are the most unique wedding transportation available.  We can fit the whole bridal party and it's the perfect place for a champagne toast after the ceremony.  Photos are beautiful on the trolley vs. being cheesy on a party bus or having a white dress fade into a white limo backdrop.

Do you service just NYC or outside the city?
We go up to 40 miles outside the city.  We do countless events in Westchester and on Long Island each year.


Spring and summer events will be upon us shortly! You can learn more about renting the trolley’s at:







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