With the name of a monster, the singer and songwriter "The Kraken Music" develop her fashion concept and the clothing line of her stage costumes. With a very strong influence of comic books, super-hero, and cartoons combined with different hair colors that created a dynamic image, which she needed for her performances. "We wanted to highlight the strong reference of the magical concept of the festivals of EDM and at the same time could highlight our energy on stage with our moves." - She started her tour in November 2018 already in the USA, with all the clothes of this concept. She performed in Mesa, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Lancaster, and Tampa. 

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This electric singer and songwriter is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is being crossing cultural borders with her music and style. The Kraken has fans from USA, Brazil, Italy, Germany, UK, Japan, China, Malaysia, and many others. 

"Being a singer and songwriter of EDM is actually a new concept and I understand people must have questions about it. But my concept is very simple, "I will sing and lead you while my heavy beats are moving you". I've dealt with big record labels, independent record labels since I've positioned my self as an artist in 2016. I had enough time to mature my ideas and practice a new formula that would work only for me. It's not really a big surprise for me that even being a beginner in this industry I already have international fans and media, I study for it and became interesting. " - The Kraken

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheKrakenMusic/
Instagram www.instagram.com/TheKrakenMusic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/TheKrakenMusicVideos



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