Following the unprecedented situation we are living due the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to put our collective work up to help all the people who participated in it. We are holding a digital screening of our Art Film: “TRANSMISSION” in April / May. It highlights the fact we are the product of our environment and experiences. 

“TRANSMISSION” shows how society, culture, religion, family, friends, institutions, and other social aspects contribute to our formatting and shaping evolution as human beings from birth until the end of our days. In our project, I have used water colors to represent our experiences and knowledge, and the blank canvas represents our lives waiting to happen. “TRANSMISSION” is an artistic and reflective approach to the evolution of the human being in society.

The Art film screening will be held on April 17th 2021 at 2pm Paris time. The platform is TBD & ZOOM. Our film will then be followed by:

– A reading of a poem by New York Times and Wall Street Journal published writer : Suzanne McFayden: (USA / JAMAICA)

– A contemporary dance piece choreographed by Lior Tavori: (TEL AVIV, ISRAEL) and his Dancers: Ori Moshe Ofri, Amit Marsino, Reches Itzhaki, Tamar Levi

– A live Concert of Singers / Songwriters:

K-Syran (Switzerland / Uk / NORWAY)


Hatim Hanafi (SUDAN / UAE / CANADA)

Aïda Sock (SENEGAL / USA)


The artists who will be performing, will be dressed by designers from all over the world.
#transmission #art #badaraofficial #ksyran



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