Medical marijuana card is a issued authority identification card that allows you to receive, acquire or cultivate weed for medicinal use once you got doctor’s recommendation. Patients should pay a fee to the state in order to purchase a MMJ card. 


Frequently, it can be attributed to as medical marijuana identification (MMID), or medical marijuana (MMJ).


How to get New York MMJ card?

If you’re interested in getting a New York medical cannabis card - take the following steps. 

  1. Speak with a
    MMJ doctor online NY

  2. After you received your diagnose you can register with the Medical Marijuana Program through the state’s online Patient Registration System. There are two ways to go about this: 

  • search for your doctor’s office

    • submit your application through the website

      It will take 7-10 business days for your MMC, at which you can buy legal marijuana from a qualified NY state dispensary.

New York medical marijuana consumption residency.

The first step is to check whether you are appropriate for the residency criteria of the program. Then, you’ll need to provide one of the following proofs of residency:

ID number from your New York State Driver’s License 
Copy of a GI ID card 
Copy of a utility bill or other document with your residency 
Copy showing your residency within New York State.
Other documentation as approved by DOH 
Temporary residents by providing a lease, utility bill, hospital bill, or other documentation approved by the Department of Health.

Medical marijuana patients rights

It is not legal for medical marijuana patients to use “smokable forms of ground plant material,” or to smoke or vape the marijuana plant itself. This prohibition is due to health authorities concluding that the risks related to secondhand smoke were higher than those posed by other forms of marijuana smoking, says David Holland, chief legal counsel for NORML Empire State and NORML NYC.

You may be qualified for medical weed if you have diagnosed with one or more of the following severe conditions:

HIV infection or AIDS, 
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), 
Parkinson's disease, 
multiple sclerosis,
spinal cord injury with spasticity, 
inflammatory bowel disease, 
neuropathy and so on.

In order to buy marijuana - patients must first be certified by a registered practitioner.

Once accredited, check Patients who do not have an account will need to click the "Don't have an Account?" button to create a personal ID first.

Thus, most U.S. past-year marijuana users 50 years old or even older did not grasp weed use as a great risk; more than 75% of adults realized a slight risk or no risk in smoking weed once or twice a week.

New York medical cannabis card statistics


A new Orange County MMD offered help to about 1,000 patients after just two months in business, showing demand in the Hudson Valley and the surrounding areas.


There are currently 59,000 certified medical cannabis patients along the state, out of hundreds of thousands with acceptable illness, such as cancer, epilepsy, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and multiple sclerosis.


At the moment, there are around 100,000 patients, but this number is expected to dramatically increase since the state added chronic pain to its list of conditions. The state is also working toward full legalization, which has strong support among the population.


Medical Marijuana Card Legalization in New York



From today in New York opened the first eight points for the sale of marijuana for medical purposes. Signed by the Governor Cuomo a year and a half ago, the law entered into force.


“New York has one of the most stringent laws in the country,” says Ari Hofnung, the head of the New York branch of the company. In addition, state law regulates special training for staff and doctors who prescribe marijuana for patients. In New York, 150 doctors have received such a license. ”


The New York State Department of Health authorized Valley Agriceuticals and

Citiva open dispensaries in Brooklyn, Fiorello Pharmaceutics - in Manhattan, NYCanna and Pallia - in Queens.

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