In the world we live in, keeping up with celebrities is gradually becoming a culture. A quick peek at the magazine aisles across most shopping centers will affirm our growing obsession with the rich and famous.


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Of course, their lifestyle intrigues us, from their clothing to their hairstyle and color, their homes, and importantly, their cars that they show off on Instagram. Everything about their lifestyle always dominates our fantasies from their lavish homes to their Lamborghini’s. Trying to keep up with these stars can best be accomplished when you've got a fat pocket.

When it comes to getting a new car for yourself, taking ideas from these celebrities' garages can be an excellent place to start. But the sixty-four thousand dollar question is can you afford any of these cars?

Most Popular Car Brands That Celebrities Drive

With fame and some dose of fortune comes class. Once you have either of these, riding with customized, high-end, or “cool” cars become paramount for your reputation. Some of the popular make that is common with many A-list celebrities include;


      Aston Martin





      Land Rover






As they are always in the public eye, being seen in any of these cool high-end cars shouldn’t come as a surprise.

However, these fancy cars can actually be leased and don’t need to be purchased with cash upfront. So you can be a NY VIP and lease a car that would cost way too much to buy. In short, keeping up with the luxury cars in the rich and famous garages doesn't have to be an unreachable goal.

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How To Roll Like A Star Without Breaking The Bank

As much as you get to admire these cars owned by these celebrities, unfortunately, a good number of them are completely beyond what your pocket can afford.

Do you ever dream of riding like a superstar or pulling up at the driveway in one of Hollywood's chic rides? Bentley, Benz, Bugatti, or Rolls Royce, and any other luxury ride of your choice, you can still get any of these cars without breaking the bank.

The Miracle Of Leasing

Without having an immense amount of cash to be spent on a car, believing that there is no way for you to drive the latest hot wheels comes off easier. Car leasing presents a cheaper way to drive your chosen car. Some celebrities prefer to lease a new car instead of buying as it's less of a headache. Obviously, if the rest of the regular people want to drive such an expensive car, they will probably afford it with a lease.

You may dismiss leasing a car as something best used for short term purposes, just an easier way to drive the latest hot wheels and nothing more. Maybe once this was true, but in recent times, leasing a car on a long term basis has become a more viable option.

In some cases, buying the car outright would cost the same amount or less than leasing. However, this means that you already have a pile of cash sitting around waiting to be splashed on the new car. But then, how long can you stay with the same model?

If you want to drive like a celebrity, car leasing is the best way out!

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