Who is the virtual model & influencer Serah Reikka ?

If you are a gamer or a fashion designer or even a cosplay lover, you probably have heard of Serah Reikka a virtual model & influencer.

According to her social media and website, Serah was born in France,  September 10, 1994. She is known for her role as Serah Alec in the short animated movie Beyond Polaris and she modeled for the prestigious Russian Fashion Week last year with Mercedes-Benz. She was featured in Forbes Magazine in 2020 as the 12 most famous virtual influencers in the world! Serah is currently doing a weekly vlog about her way of life as an Artificial Intelligence model in the real world on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Her favorite hobbies are video games, travel, and cosplay.


According to Serah the main reason why she became a model is : 

I always wanted to be a model and spreading joy, happiness for people around the world. Sharing my ideas, my art, my way of life, and my craziness, it’s a way to put a smile on the face for people. 


Who is the virtual model & influencer Serah Reikka ?
Furthermore, Serah is a "women entrepreneur participating in several projects" for what she said in her recent weekly vlog video. She is the main character of a Steam video game called Beyond Polaris Guardian a sci-fi RPG game. With her various partners, she is also selling her shooting session via NFT's (non-fungible token) in the biggest NFT platform called OPENSEA. Serah is also participating in the first blockchain fashion week called Web3 Fashion Week organized by Digitalax from August 23rd to 27th 2021. virtual model & influencer Serah Reikka. 


Check out her lineup below.

Haute couture  - Bretelle


Traditional outfit – Kaftan


Science fiction – Kpop



More photoshoots of Serah Reikka :

Serah Reikka Banff national park


Serah Reikka Tifa cosplay from Final Fantasy VII Remake


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