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Change and evolution run on the same track in life 

There can be times when a change can be intimidating, even though it's natural. It can sometimes be challenging to see the path ahead, even if you have the courage to go ahead. Leadership requires more than just strong dynamics. It requires openness, vulnerability, and humility on the part of the one leading.  

Is it possible to walk by faith and not by sight? Fear is the human response to danger, leading us to retreat into safe havens and altogether rejecting rational thinking. Therefore, anxiety obscures the distinction between what is possible and what is supreme, and in turn, this clouds judgment. Visionaries emerge from the depths of darkness, unknown, and abnormality and manifest their aspirations.     

The process of becoming a better version of yourself was never intended for "ordinary" people. Achieving new heights in life changes a person's mindset and gives them a refreshed sense of purpose to pursue greatness. Humans are confined to a large degree by false expectations of other people and restricted views of the world. People are drained of spiritual, mental, and physical energy by such emotions.  

Natural leaders come from solid backgrounds that enable them to overcome trepidation. America was founded on the principles of redemption, rebellion, and transformation. Despite the fact that there are two Americas, each has its own destiny.  


WrightWayJay is an uncut diamond in Hip-Hop 

The outspoken and insatiable enthusiasm of WrightWayJay demonstrates the new generation of music stars. WrightWayJay's music blends "street soul," precise strength, planned punchlines, and vintage Hip-Hop swagger. When you take the time to watch WrightWayJay for just a few seconds, it immediately becomes apparent how talented he is.   

In the mind of a young black child, WrightWayJay's song inspires him to buy the block and build a legacy of wealth. WrightWayJay demonstrates both artistic and emotional intelligence in his song collection.  

During the past 18 months, WrightWayJay's internet movement has grown by a factor of two. There will be no resistance or limits set for WrightWayJay in 2022. WrightWayJay is a Global Brand Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS.

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