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Understanding your desires and realities.  

A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen defines the word' desire.' Desires fuel people's ambitions, potential, and daily motivation.  

Pursuing your desires involves sleepless nights, walking through darkness, unparalleled uncertainty, and faith beyond normal. Comprehending the depths of failure and the height of success is esoteric.   

Balancing reality and faith in one's aspirations creates abnormal complexities.  

Swimming in the deep waters of entrepreneurship drowns 90% of people. Identifying with your purpose enables a person to understand the difference between desires and realities.   


XayWay is built for a marathon and not a sprint.  


Major Recording Artist XayWay has never taken a shortcut in life. Everything he's achieved originated from being inside the trenches, setting high standards, boundless vision, and calculated risks. XayWay is the new energy in Generation Z Hip-Hop. XayWay's lyrics elevate youth culture's minds, spirits, and perspectives.   

XayWay is a rose that grew through the cracks of South Carolina concrete. XayWay's innate leadership, Hollywood charisma, unrivaled creativity, and relentless energy sets him apart from the competition. 

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