Public relations is about creating relationships and storytelling to expand either yourself (actor, model, singer, doctor, lawyer, etc.) and/or your company’s influence in your industry and community. Public Relations is also not free, and an investment in yourself.

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While here at Elucid Magazine we usually cover fashion, we felt it was important that we caught up with renowned public relations and marketing expert Zack Teperman (President of Hollywood, New York and Nashville PR agency ZTPR) to learn from him a few reasons why public relations is important to everyone, whether you are in the fashion industry or pursuing another dream. Teperman, who is also a best-selling author of the marketing how-to book, “Cut The Bull$shit”, has gained credibility over the years working with countless models here in New York (most recently with some Victoria Secret ones), but also with fortune 500 companies across the United States & Canada, while also representing Academy Award / Grammy winners, and entrepreneurs who are just getting their businesses started.

"You may be the best at what you do, or what you provide, but if nobody knows you exist, or about your brand/product, are you really the best?!"

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Photo Credit: Hunter Franklin

Here are 4 tips and ways a public relations specialist can help you according to our chat with Teperman:

1. Increase Awareness Of Yourself Or Business

There are many ways that PR can increase the reach and awareness of yourself or business including speaking opportunities, media interviews, partnerships, event planning, getting you onto/into red carpet galas, social media awareness, and more. As Teperman says, "Our job is to look at your overall profile and find ways to get you the most amount of positive exposure as possible, whether through media placements, events, partnerships or other means so that the public (and consumers) can learn more about you or your business."

2. Create Partnerships Within Your Community

Creating partnerships with local businesses or agents will not only put yourself or brand in front of the people within your community but will also support other businesses that you partner with as well. "While mainstream press is important sometimes, finding local stories that you can relate to will help leverage the media in your favor. Also, getting involved with local charities or events will help you network more and get more opportunities locally. The mainstream press isn't always the answer, and if you are a local business, the local media is what you want to attract, as the people in your region are the ones who will be coming to you most."

3. Be An Authority In Your Industry

You want yourself and brand to be considered an expert in your industry. "As a publicist, it is our job to help get you media interviews and speaking opportunities which are great ways to inform your potential customers of your expertise. And this just doesn't go for businesses. If you are an actress or model, you can still be considered an "expert" in your industry. You have gone through castings, shoots, experiences, etc., and so finding media outlets or opportunities for you to speak and give advice based on your expertise, is a great way to push you into the spotlight and get more exposure."

4. Use Social Media To Speak Up

Now with social media, most businesses and people are able to speak to and engage with the public immediately. And by using public relations, your business will be able to craft stories your potential customers or fans can relate to as well as reach larger audiences through the media, partnerships and other opportunities. Teperman explains more stating, "Simply placing products on shelves just doesn't cut it anymore. People want to feel a personal connection to products or the people they follow. It's always great to see a CEO, founder, or person to step out from behind the shadows and speak personally to people or educate them about their brands or self. Show the public who the people behind your Instagram account are. The more people can relate to you, the more they will be loyal; It reinforces the brand's values (and yes, models, actors, etc. are also considered 'brands')."

Need help to implement an effective PR strategy?! Head over to Teperman's website at http://www.ZTPR.netor learn more in his book, which is on shelves and available on now.

Zack Headshots-1Photo Credit: Hunter Franklin

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Photo Credit: Hunter Franklin

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