It is more often than not that the team of Artistic Initiative Agency must film corporate clients who are authorities in their respective fields but for whom, whenever in front of a camera, words become slippery. 

Nonetheless, any video produced by Artistic Initiative gives no clue of any difficulty during the filming process. This social media marketing agency has come to master the art of transforming even the most introverted clients into self-assured superstars. 


“It is just old fashion psychology,” said the founder of Artistic Initiative Agency during a recent interview, as he leaned back on his chair. “You just need to know what a specific client likes and stimulates him.”


Today, Artistic Initiative Agency has become the leading figure in a new movement in social media marketing known as “high-end social media.” The agency is renowned for curating personalized, cinematic-quality content for companies and CEOs, transforming them into social media influencers. 

Over the past year, Artistic Initiative’s avant-garde approach to social media marketing led the agency to experience a wave of exponential growth. In 2021, the agency opened two branches in Atlanta, GA, and Houston, TX, and surpassed its owned revenue projections by an astounding 1000%.

Undoubtedly, one key factor in Artistic Initiative’s appeal to corporate clients is the agency’s ability to impart confidence even to the most reclusive clients and turn them into proficient speakers in front of the camera. 

In a recent interview in December 2021, the founder of Artistic Initiative Agency sat to share tips on energizing clients on camera and helping them project self-assurance to their audiences.

Watching one of the signature vlog-style videos produced by Artistic Initiative, the confidence and mastery that the subjects project when talking stands out at the first view. 

Over the years, the founder and his team have learned the art of motivating clients during filming and helping them showcase their expertise in their field to their target audience. As the founder explains, it is possible to turn anyone into a proficient speaker with the right stimulus.

“You have to understand who this person is an individual, and then you talk about topics that they feel comfortable talking about,” said the founder. “At the end of the day, everyone likes talking about what they are skilled at.”

The key to helping clients overcome camera anxiety is diverting their focus away from the lens into the person behind. During the filming process, the Artistic Initiative team takes time to build trust with their clients to have a more natural one-to-one conversation.

“I always pretend that I don’t have a camera and that I am actually having a conversation with the client; that way, they feel comfortable,” said the founder. “The whole goal is to put the person in the mindset where they can flourish.”

For the founder, steering his clients into a zone where they feel comfortable is not a hassle. He has learned to use each filming session as a learning opportunity to educate himself about a new subject from an expert in that field.

“It is a win-win situation when I am filming and what I am talking about is a subject that I am genuinely interested in,” explained the founder. “Our clients are the experts in their field, so I get to learn something new each time.”

The motivation that the Artistic Initiative team imparts to their clients during the filming process is instantly visible in the quality of the final video. This approach allows the founder and his team to create more engaging videos in which their clients can present themselves as authorities in their respective industries.

Artistic Initiative Agency is preparing to launch a consulting course and a mastermind program in the upcoming months. The founder aspires that these two services will help other creative entrepreneurs learn how to energize their clients during filming and improve the quality of their content. 

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo, In association with Artistic Initiative Agency

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