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Throughout our lives, we tend to make memories not only of places and people but of scents as well. Although they often come unnoticed, scents are often the first association we have when it comes to people in our lives. Therefore, scents should be carefully selected as they don't only reflect our current likes, but also determine the way others will remember us. 


B Fragranced has the vision to create scents that will charm with carefully thought-out notes. The reasonable price point makes these quality scents accessible. 


Marilyn Jones, a Chicago Native founded the B Fragranced in the late December of 2013. Growing up in a family with eleven siblings, Marilyn was exposed to family values early on in her life. Sadly, Marilyn didn't get to spend enough time with her mother, as she lost her battle with Breast Cancer when she was just 5. This left a lasting impression on her and shaped the way she grew up in the following years. 



As she was the eleventh child, Marilyn would often hear stories about her mother from her siblings. She often felt emptiness as she was too young to remember most of the time she had spent with her mom. However, one thing that never faded was her scent. When she missed her mother, thinking about her scent would bring her comfort. That's how Marilyn's love for fragrances began. 

The industry of fragrances and perfumes doesn't offer a lot of representation. There aren't many brands owned by people of color. Also, as all famous perfumes are made by big corporations, finding a unique fragrance can be daunting.

Marilyn's passion when creating the scents was to make them unique. That way they easily become signature scents. The fragrances should help you feel empowered, courageous, beautiful, and bold. They are also designed to leave a mark. 

Embellished Eau De Parfum comes in an elegant glass bottle that reflects the smell of the perfume. This indulgent scent is a perfect choice for any sophisticated lady as it is classy, romantic, and glamorous. Notes of apple and peach add dimension to the scent, while the playful citron brightens the formulation. Furthermore, the combination of jasmine and honeysuckle makes the scent unforgettable, while amber and sandalwood are amazing base notes. 

Finding your perfect signature scent can not only make you feel amazing but also be a way for others to remember you. B Fragranced is a brand that believes that your fragrance should reflect who you are as a person, and they are passionate about creating scents that transcend trends and time. 



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