Be it a man or a woman, everyone suffers from troubling skin and scalp, and for some people, the battle is too hard to fight. With this in reason, Arielle Brown started Bea’s Bayou with the sole purpose of helping those with a similar struggle to her own. After being diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis, Arielle realized she would need to care fr her scalp on a whole new level. Dietary restrictions and the products she had been using weren’t enough. So, on one bright morning in summer 2020, the young – soon to be- entrepenure she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Arielle, a young black entrepreneur started curating biome-friendly and probiotic treatments for the itchy, dry, and oily scalp to provide permanent relief for skin inflammation issues, including eczema and Seborrheic Dermatitis. With the issue being so close to her heart, Brown knew she would have to give these products everything she had. The founder researched high and low for the perfect ingredients that would actually make a difference and after some time, she finally found a formula that worked to relieve her scalp issues and grow her hair. The amazing results the concoction bought her, drove Arielle to want to share her products with others. In the beginning, she started selling the topical solution on Etsy, but with an amazing turnaround and success, she set up her own website to deliver scalp care products that help people heal and enhance their natural beauty.



The success of Bea’s Bayou easily comes from the founders' mentality. Arielle is a born leader and knows how to utilize her creativity to create products that bring a change to others’ lives and help them feel better in their skin. With hair being such an important part of our appearance, she recognized how insecure the results of an unhealthy scalp could make others feel. With that in mind, she made it her mission to create products that promise highly satisfactory and permanent results.

To Arielle, keeping her customers satisfied is an everyday mindset. She keeps an open mind about changes and ensures constant improvement in the product formula to meet and exceed her clients’ expectations. In addition, she is incredibly innovative and zealous, which empowers her to create fact-based plans and turn them into strategies. She never gives up and strives for the best, which is why she is sure she’ll continue to see success.

Learn more by following Bea’s Bayou on Instagram.


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