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Becoming iconic is priceless.   

Reaching the height of your desired career or art form takes a gargantuan effort and Championship DNA. Enduring the pressure, adversity, uncontrollable elements, and unnatural darkness while pursuing destiny is indescribable.  

Creating a lane of opportunity at a dead end requires a high level of inventiveness and faith in oneself. Chasing 'amazing' enables people to breathe rare air and confirm their purpose.  

Becoming iconic is a sweet science and reserved for people dedicated to changing the world. Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur CVNNON's birth into this world included 'great expectations.   


CVNNON is a natural-born storyteller.


CVNNON's life story was never meant or designed to be typical. Every piece in the puzzle of CVNNON's life's perfectly timed and integrated for long-term prosperity. CVNNON's music portrays a beautiful story of a hustler's ambition, fearless faith, unshakeable vision, and incomparable Hip-Hop storytelling.   

Rap is the world's #1 music genre and dominants every aspect of pop culture. The music brand of CVNNON continues to flourish in 2022 because of its ultra-unique euphoria and charisma. CVNNON recently entered into a digital branding partnership with 99.7 DA HEAT Miami powered by iHeartRadio and RADIOPUSHERS.   

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