Entered the red ocean market recording sales of 2B KRW


The Korean beauty market has long been a red ocean market. Thousands of new products are released onto the market daily while brands seem to come and go overnight. In this reality, it is difficult for a new brand to succeed. However, there is a brand that, by targeting Korean customers with acne and oily skin, has established itself within 2 years of its launch. This brand is Dirt phobia with its slogan of: ‘Healthy safeguarding for your skin against modern pollutants.’

As can be seen from its slogan, Dirt phobia is a brand that studies the contaminants of everyday modern life that damage the skin and the variety of factors, both innate and genetic, that cause skin problems. Based on its research, Dirtphobia develops skincare solutions that protect the skin and discharge pollutants. Dirt phobia’s development process, differentiating it from other brands, caused a series of out-of-stock rallies right after its launch, recording sales of 2B KRW and hitting the jackpot.



Product power from differentiated product development

Sebum film formed on skin


Dirt phobia signed an agreement with Korea's best R&D center to research and identify approx. 140 types of pollutants and 250 substances present in our modern daily life that attack the skin. These were categorized into four types: direct, indirect, natural environmental, and daily environmental. The Effectem D series, the initial series released, is a product line for problematic skin, and it represents an ambitious outcome of Dirtphobia’s research know-how.


Effectem D: Solution Serum

Resolved Blackhead by 34.5%, whitehead by 34.8%, Oiliness by 28.3%, and sebum volume by 20.2%


‘‘Effectem D: Solution Serum’ evaluated to be suitable for use on acne-prone skin after 4 weeks of using the product through measurement analysis of the number of lesions, analysis of sebum oil, analysis of facial sebum index, etc. compared to before product use.


Unlike ordinary skin, skin with recurrent problems (e.g. acne or excessive sebum) often has a thin sebum film on the surface. Once the sebum film is formed, it is not easily removed no matter how much it is washed as it can only be removed by regularly using specific materials. Dirtphobia’s Effectem D series was developed to deliver precisely these.


Effectem D: Solution Ampoule Serum


Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the company’s signature product Effectem D: Solution Ampoule Serum. This has achieved excellent results in clinical tests, conducted by a reputable Korean institution, on acne-prone skin. Thanks to the recognition of Effectem D: Solution Serum’s power, after its launch, production could not keep up with demand resulting in the product to being out of stock on several occasions. Production has since been stabilized with the product recording a repurchase rate of over 70% and continuing to receive positive reviews.



A golden rule: Combining good performance and good ingredients


People with sensitive skin constitute Dirtphobia’s main customer base. For that reason, right from the development stage, the company excludes any ingredient (these are often things such as artificial fragrances and coloring) that has even the slight chance of irritating skin. Thus our focus on our customer base means that safe ingredients are the guiding principle of Dirtphobia’s work. It might be thought that ingredients that are not harsh on skin are generally less effective however, depending on how the ingredients are formulated such skin-friendly ingredients can be both safe and beneficially effective. Dirt phobia doesn’t use ingredients simply because they are effective. That’s why in comparison to other brands it takes Dirt phobia longer to launch new products. Dirtphobia’s ingredients are all confirmed as safe and are certified as having a Skin Irritation Index of 0.00 by the Skin Irritation Clinical Testing conducted by a research institute. Currently, the Effectem D Series consists of an ampoule(Effectem D: Solution Serum), toner(Effectem D: toner), cream(Effectem D: cream), and cleanser(Effectem D: Solution cleanser),  and more diverse product lines are about to be launched.


The power that was chosen by both male and female customers aged 20-30

Women are often seen as being the main customers of skincare brands but here, once again, Dirt phobia is different. Despite not being a dedicated men's skincare brand, 55% of its customer base is male. Before launching, no one at Dirt Phobia could imagine a male customer applying a dropper of Effectem D: Solution Ampoule Serum to their skin. This could well be because the product line targets oily, troubled, and acne-prone skin. Although the series is not cheap, it seems that the product’s power, built on Dirtphobia’s principles, plays a key role in drawing a lot of male customers to make steady online purchases.


Starting overseas expansion

Image: Dirt Phobia Effectem D: Solution Ampoule Serum


The Dirtphobia brand was established in 2019 in Korea where its products have been solely available until now. However, from the second half of 2022, Dirtphobia products will be available in a variety of countries through Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Rakuten, etc. Currently, Dirtphobia products are available in countries such as the United States, Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc., and the company plans to continue expanding its overseas distribution channels to reach customers in other countries. Just as it has always received a great response from Korean customers with problematic skin, so Dirtphobia’s products are already getting a good reception from their overseas customers.

Dirtphobia’s Official Shopping Mall: www.dirtphobia.com



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