Photo Credit: Jeremy Zodiacc Samuels (@jeremysamuels_2)  


Failure is not an option for natural-born visionaries.  

Believing in yourself during the darkest moments in life separates leaders from followers. Pushing through life’s deepest pain, adversity, and uncertainty breeds Championship DNA.  

Facing fear without compromise is not created equal in life. Only a tiny percentage of people elevate from the depths of despair and make monumental movements.   

Accepting failure is an easy outlet for average humans. Loss can never be optional for humans pursuing supreme being levels of existence in life. Jeremy Samuels, aka Gervonnci, doesn’t understand or comprehend the essence of failure.  

Gervonnci’s life story is not designed like most Generation Z people. His hunger, passion, and priorities reflect his relentless pursuit of greatness.   


Gervonnci path to Hip-Hop immortality is divine.  


Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Gervonnci reflects the rawest quintessence of fearlessness. Surviving every day as a black man in America isn’t a simple process. Navigating through landmines of racism, police brutality, economic suppression, and betrayal derails most people’s destinies.     

Gervonnci’s music elevates, empowers, and inspires youth culture in 2022. His lyrics narrate and illuminate the struggles, potential, and future of Generation Z dream chasers. Gervonnci’s music embodies the soul of a hustler and an innate visionary.     

Gervonnci is a Global Brand Ambassador for DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is an iHeartRadio station and broadcasts in 90+ countries. His music remains in heavy daily rotation.  DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is an interactive brand partner of RADIOPUSHERS. 

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