Dreams of a fulfilling life cannot be compromised.  

There are two distinct pathways to take in life: finding your purpose and following it. When individuals finally figure out what they want to do in life, only a tiny proportion of them dare to go for it. 

Only if a person is ready to walk the road of doubt and darkness can their dreams come true. Friends, relatives, and investors have dismissed concepts, ideas, and goals as wild and impractical. 

Individuals may find the passion for being intimidating, frightening, or overbearing. On the path to greatness, fear and doubt run side by side. A visionary breaks away from conventional thinking and makes a difference. 


Jemetyeese self-esteem is high, and her attitude is inspiring. 


It's hard for the faint of heart or the weak to remain faithful to their principles and convictions in the face of uncertainty. In other words, Jemetyeese is a born visionary and a natural-born leader of people. 

Even in the worst circumstances of her life, Jemetyeese has never strayed from her goal. Adversity strengthens a person's character and gives them something to live by in the form of a wit

Music and business will continue to be a success for Jemetyeese in 2022. Besides a record label, cosmetic line, and TV/Film branch, Jemetyeese's company is expanding rapidly. 

She's in charge of the story she's telling and the direction her music career is taking. She has now partnered with RADIOPUSHERS to expand her brand monetization and global recognition. 

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