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Kxng Ko lives life without compromise. 

Kxng Ko is an emerging force in Hip-Hop and lives by his own rules. Kxng Ko's music is a testament to living life through God's plan unapologetically. Rap music was infused into Kxng Ko's bloodstream since birth and laid the foundation for his future.  

Kxng Ko believes that there is no joy and passion without pain. Kxng Ko's rare life perspective, relentless work ethic, and mental telepathy are unparalleled amongst his contemporaries.   

From his father's side, he had a lot of street people as his family. During his early teenage years, he saw a lot of guys making a lot of money and doing crazy things. People respected him, and he wanted that kind of love and adoration. Encouraged by his friends and family to pursue rap instead of the streets, it was a life-changing move.  

Narrating authentic street tales from the deepest part of his soul elevates Kxng Ko's music to upper-echelon levels in rap music. Kxng Ko's music delivers a curated message for dream chasers worldwide.  

Kxng Ko lyrics define survival and the highest level of artistic freedom. 


Dissecting Kxng Ko's rap lyrics in real-time, you can feel his message through your speakers. He possesses an innate story-telling ability that illuminates the Knxg Ko vision panoramically.   

Kxng Ko defines the word: self-made. Financing dreams is a costly sacrifice. Money makes the world go around, and 'securing the bag' is a never-ending race. Being a Generation Z entrepreneur in 2022 is adventurous, polarizing, inventive, and life-changing.  

Controlling your narrative is the foundation of artistic freedom. Kxng Ko's brand includes a record label, music publishing, and TV/Film divisions. Kxng Ko's music landed on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami on iHeartRadio. Kxng Ko was recently appointed as a Brand Ambassador for RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST.   

Kxng Ko understands the importance of value instead of price. In 2022 and beyond, he's only betting on himself. 


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