Canadian fashion icon Nini Amerlise has made her mark in the entertainment industry over the past 10 years and is committed to being a trailblazer. Successfully impacting countries like Canada, the USA, Europe, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. In a recent interview, she shared that 2023 is the year of the future, as she takes new strides tapping into unprecedented potential. The African Fashion Industry Awards, held in Toronto, Canada, recently recognized her as "Model of the Decade". It is clear the young starlet has a purpose for her vision.

The Canadian Supermodel has used her platform as a vehicle to advocate change in modern-day media, impacting the narration of beauty standards. Insiders share that Nini’s journey as a mixed-race woman with bold, and beautiful West African features wasn’t always easy to accept during childhood. This was due to the trauma of bullying and domestic abuse continuing into her late teen years & the early twenties.


The rehabilitation of her mind and soul through revelation, counseling, and mentorship seems to have been her saving grace. Many of her messages have been anchored by her faith journey and love for Christ Jesus. This is observed in publications such as NBC, Fox News, CBS, CTV, Vogue UK, The Daily Mail, Glamour magazine, Glam Africa magazine, Men's Health magazine, Share News, and the Jamaican Gleaner. As a result of her mission to empower and encourage, many people have reached a healthy state of embracing self-love and acceptance of their uniqueness.

Those in the modeling business can agree that it’s highly competitive. It has long been embedded with destructive beauty standards, accusations of harassment of some sort, the poor treatment of individuals based on gender, a lack of inclusivity and diversity, the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles, and just about every other awful cliché ever assigned to fashion. And while many of us are inclined to believe that those preconceptions are no longer accurate or at least not as prevalent as they used to be, we can't ignore the fact that they still exist.

As a change agent, Nini has extended her resources into launching and directing multiple companies including We Are Royals Inc. and NA Management Inc. These companies produce campaigns and events to assist with developing healthier standards of beauty, with genuine representations of diversity. In addition to partnering with multiple corporations and councils to assist with the vision, her recent fashion campaign titled "Blasian Queen" focuses on conceptualizing distinct beauty representations typically not celebrated or recognized in mainstream media.



A mixed-race depiction is usually characterized by a light caramel or fair complexion, loose curls and a Eurocentric facial structure. However, the "Blasian Queen" campaign incorporates an unpopular representation of Nini's multi-ethnic mold. She combines her dark cocoa complexion with oriental elements that demonstrate her Chinese heritage. Ultimately becoming an example and beacon of hope to models and creatives facing the same challenge.

Nini, who is of mixed race of Ghanaian, Chinese, and Jamaican descent, should not be categorized or segregated in the media. Instead, the diversity of models & creatives should be celebrated with an emphasis on the passion for their work.

The editorial "Blasian Queen" was created by a dynamic team, including stylist Devontae Goodwin also known as Thee Real Slim, who sourced looks from fashion house "HER Group Showroom & The Archives & Showroom", whose pieces are typically worn by celebrities like McLyte, Avril Lavigne, and Jennifer Lopez.



To match Nini's high fashion flare, he carefully selected accessories and elements. Colors of blue, purple, and gray were used by hairstylist Pinky Dillon and Turnbull to depict Nini's inner lioness and desire to push the boundaries. Nini wore sponsored wigs from Rene of Paris, which Alexander J, the company's founder, provided.Reyna Khalil, the color match genius, used the appropriate hues for Nini’s complexion, adding simplicity and elegance to the model's eyes and lips. Mark Mendez topped it all off with his innovative photography technique, while model mentor D'jesus Trujillo elevated the poses and experimented with various angles.

As more campaigns like this are launched, people will begin to perceive the world in a more inclusive and diverse manner. This will allow them to be true to themselves without being restricted.

Nini Amerlise Bio:

Nini Amerlise is a multi-award-winning Canadian Supermodel, Actress, Entrepreneur, and TV host for Travel Africa Network living in the United States.



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