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Dreams are worth more than money.  

Understanding what you want in life is simple. Fighting for what you want in life separates dreamers from visionaries. Pushing through the pain, mental barriers, unconventional family dynamics, and most of all yourself is an arduous journey.   

Interestingly, few people stare into the mirror, looking for their flaws. People fear change and never embrace the unknown. Seeing the path of less resistance allows people to rely on comfort zones rather than self-reliance. Dreams are ultra-expensive once pursued, and there is no turning back. Dreams are worth more than money if you are willing to pay the price.  


Pretty Money Records, LLC is the new wave of female empowerment in music. 


Pretty Money Records, LLC was created and designed to empower, educate, and inspire women worldwide to pursue their destinies without compromise. Pretty Money Records, LLC is an emerging multimedia conglomerate that includes multiple brands, including a record label, TV/Film, music publishing, lifestyle magazine, and artist management.    

Pretty Money Records, LLC partners with abnormal and highly unique artists to power them to musical supremacy. Their record label houses some of New York’s most innovative talent in 2022. PMR’s multimedia company has several projects on deck in 2022. Filming movies, documentaries, music videos, and more, PMR continues to make waves in 2022.   

PMR joined forces with RADIOPUSHERS in 2022 and formed a global brand monetization joint venture. Both companies will expand each other’s reach and vision.   


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